My own world

Reality is terrible. Thats why I’m schizophrenic. Why would I not create a world where I’m smart and successful and loved? Being schizophrenic just means i finally woke up, and just couldn’t handle it.


if you wrote a book about being smart etc as a schiz it may actually help i think :slight_smile:

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Im not even like this on purpose. I literally wake up now and then. But it never lasts.

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@Resilient1 I know you and everyone else knows im too ■■■■■■■ stupid to even comprehend. ■■■■, im sorry im like this. Contaminating the forum is all i do here.

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Yes don’t blame it on sz. Schizophrenia is just an illusion

you’re ok, i dont think you are contaminating us, we are all here to help and support each other, its ok

See this is just proof how im not on the same level. The ways i can interprete what you just said is many. I see all the ways clearly, and i understand them, but i cant pick the right one. Its totally a mystery to me.

Gullible af.

i meant you sound like an ok guy, i wouldnt hold it against you if you were unwell bc that is why you are here, we are all here bc we suffer from psychosis of some sort at some point

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I used to feel the same way too. It’s called “grandiose delusion” I am also schizophrenic. And I am really
“high” on emtions when I am psycotic. It’s always a bummer to land again from a schizophrenic outburst.

Sorry. 1515151515

@Resilient1 hey, yesterday i was more off then usual. Sorry for freaking out on you there. Appreciate your patience with me.

And btw that post of me saying “im not on the same level”. That wasnt me trying to say im so smart. The delusions arent grandiose, i was more saying that im on a lower level of functioning. (My wording was weird, so just wanted to clarify)

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hey, its ok, dont worry about it, even if you were a bit off i wouldnt hold it agaist you, we all have off days even the best of us :slight_smile:

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