My other brother is a dick

I was just about dead, after two psychoses in where i was tortured by them and homelessness, beatings, untreated disease while homeless, humiliation, knives being held to my throat, my car being stolen, alot of things happened.

After all of this i was able to move in with family, it was so painful and i finally escaped it.

You know what my brother says to me one day?

“You ruined my childhood.”

Sorry bro, i really am sorry that i exist and i would not if i had not been forced to.

I spent the next few years trapped by them. The abuse didn’t stop. Out of the frying pan and into the other frying pan.

Just my being there ruined his childhood he says, i wasn’t even bad to him.

■■■■ people.

I hope that you can find healing for your multiple traumas someday. There does exist a life without suffering and pain. You can find it. So please never give up hope for a better life.

Many Blessings,


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Just move out and stay away from those people, pansdisease. You can find peace and solitude when live alone. And just talk to us on this site.

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no money.

Got sick at eighteen, you know what happens if you get sick at eighteen, life takes an endless dump on you.

This is something I would post. My brother thinks that I ruined his childhood as well - pretty strong accusation, how about my childhood! it was never a picnic. My relationship with my brother is a mixed one, sometimes it is terrible, sometimes it is ok, it never spills over into the great category. I really am trying to be a good brother to him, I do not think he is trying hard enough to be a very good brother to me. I do realize he has many problems on his shoulders - but he has to understand that I am not the one causing his problems - so do not take your venom out on me!
I do hope things get better between you and your brother

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In time i suppose.

A long, slow, slow, slow, time.

But we’ll get there i suppose.

Gonna be painful though.

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We are all with you…OO