My neighbor the mutt

Everybody knows that dogs are extra sensitive to their owners. They can read emotions and micro expressions and even can be trained to sniff out cancer. When you see your dog in front of you he just seems simply like your friendly pet. But you don’t really know everything he’s picking up about you.

Which takes me to my neighbor. The guy is leaving in a matter of days but he’s trying to screw me as much as he can before he leaves.
I know the guy is very sensitive and hyper aware and he’s picked up on many things before about me that are none of his business. And he did it again this morning. I knew he was doing it. I pride myself on being able to go anywhere alone but I know I’m living on the edge and the ability is very fragile at best. And he decided to set his sights on that ability. I can only guess his motive; he doesn’t represent the human race and it’s not my fault his life is shitty.

I had to get out but I know when I get home that he picked up on some weakness or flaw about me going out in public and he will play on that weakness and scare me into giving up that ability. Is it an shitty thing to do? Yes, it is. Is anything I do any of his business? No, it’s not but he’s already changed my life in major ways and this is just another example of it. I know exactly what’s waiting for me when I go home. Would you feel frustrated if you had someone deliberately fucing with you in your own home and people either dismiss it as I am imagining it or at the most they say he’s just being merely annoying? The guy has proven he’s mean and sadistic. I don’t know what to do. He’s leaving in three days but he fuced me over big time.


Three days. You can do three days.

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So sorry about this individual who makes your life hard, Nick!

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I’m sorry you are so distressed about this and that you feel we are being dismissive.

But you never seem able to answer us how the guys is messing with you, aside from vague comments about making noise.
I’ve seen other schizophrenics make these connections too. They hear a random noise from a neighbor and connect it to something they did, like lose in a video game, feel weak, eat food, relax, write journals etc, and their mind jumps to “my neighbour did x because I did y, this is a personal attack”. I did it myself when I was unwell.
And you’ve done this with every neighbor you’ve had for as long as I’ve known you.

I’m not asking for proof, but if you genuinely believe he is messing with you on purpose, you must surely have some examples or be able to explain what exactly he is doing that is directed at you, and why you think it’s intentional instead of just normal noise.

People have better things to do than sit around all day and listening for signs the guy downstairs is letting his guard down so they can shuffle around extra loud.

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Give him a good whallop with a rolled up newspaper.

Man, that neighbor has been a thorn on your side for over a year now. I believe you about him being even more unpleasant in the last days he is there. Sometimes people are like that even in subtle ways. I agree with what has been said. 3 more days! You can do it. Hang in there and hopefully you will never have to see him or hear about him ever again.


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