My mother rejected & bullied me

This could definitely help :+1:

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Of course you want to talk about it! It caused you major stress and made you feel unloved by the person who is supposed to love you most.

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Hey @anon85745701, I’m sorry I couldn’t read all of the replies but just wanted to chime in.

Did you say on another thread you have PTSD relating to your relationship with your mum?

I have CPTSD (an assortment of traumas) and I’m just about to start therapy. It’s nerve wracking.

I hope today has been a better day for you.

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Hi @anon44466342 @CoCo

I don’t know if i have ptsd because ive no official dx of it.

Seeing all these topics about bullies tipped me over last night and i was ready to throw in the towel as far as family are concerned.

But today my perspective has changed back an i feel much better.

Ive rang my mum and asked her does she love me she said of course and she wouldn’t be visiting so much if she didn’t.

So i can breathe again.
Ive just walked the shop with hubby for milk and bread and going to get a shower now.

I do have trauma but i think its worse some days flares up.

Thanks so much for support xxx


Wow. So glad you made that call and got that response. =)

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Yes @Kxev
Families are hard work especially with paranoia on top of everything

Hope your okay :+1:

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Thanks for asking. My morning is the busiest part of my day. So far okay.

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I’m glad you’re feeling much better today :relaxed: well done for talking to your mum as well, and bringing up how you feel.

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Thanks and good luck with starting therapy, let me know how it goes hun x

@Kxev glad your morning is going to plan , keep positive.
I feel glad ive had a shower now.
Car comes back from garage Wednesday after he knocked it.
Walking the shop everyday for milk is doing me good though, i feel like ive accomplished something lol :laughing:


That’s great @anon85745701

I hate cars - went to target - waited in the parking lot with the music on and my battery died last week - costed me 80$ for a jump. So frustrated losing that money.

@Kxev wow thats a lot for a jump!!!

Hubby blacked out for a millisecond and hit the wall in the carpark, will cost a few hundred even though its his friends mate thats doing it.
Cars cost a lot!!

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That hurts. 。°。°。°。°。°

So where in the US are you? Just being nosey lol

Your married, do you have kids?

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I am in Southern California. Married - 22 years together. We are a gay couple who wanted kids in our twenties - but never made it happen. We have 2 chihuahuas. 3 total - our first one we got the year we met together.


Wow so cute nice photo, nice to meet you x

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You too. =). Its been nice to get to know you. Are you guys with kids or planning. I don’t think I want them anymore - i dont think I would be a good parent.

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Hope everything works out for you.
Take good care. Nesta. x

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@Bowens Thank you for your post. Yes I must as I haven’t worked out how to write anything down apart from replying x

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Top right hand corner

Click on new topic

Select drop down option for lounge etc


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are you ok now?

It takes a couple of times to get used to it

Just @admin
If you need help

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