My mother flirts with her sons

My mother flirts with her two sons … and is very vivacious around them and when speaking of them.
I just find it very peculiar
You all know i have issues with my mum i just feel like its pointless having any relationship with parents now

I googled it an its called the jacosta complex

Is she their stepmother or real mother? Isn’t she much older than them? Thats weird.

Yep real mum yes much older
I think she is weird shes very complex
Honestly im done with her and dad i cannot live with them in my life anymore

There having a really bad effect on me and my mental health. Their freaks

Sounds really strange to me.

Do they notice?

Jocasta, you mean

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@Joker i have no clue whether they notice but it must be obvious how enthusiastic to them she is
It is weird

Hmm. I don’t know what to say about it. Are you sure it’s not just mis-interpreted favouritism ??

Nah shes definitely flirtatious with both of them
She goes all giddy
Shes on holiday with one brother and his wife now

If it creeps you out are you able to put some distance?

I’d be very uncomfortable witnessing such behaviour if it was me

Exactly and that’s what im going to do.
I live in a different town so i can easily not see them. Maybe change my number

I doubt my brothers wives realise because they only see this side to her. But to me its obvious and wrong

That’s really disgusting.
I hope you just misinterpreted it

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You have to do what you think is right

Do you think it might help to confront her about this directly?

She might not be aware of it

Ive confronted my mum many times over her different behaviour issues and she just denies everything shrugs it off.
Im best just telling family im taking a break for a while

It’s a shame it has come to this, but if you have tried there is precious little that can be done if the behaviour is being denied in this way :frowning:

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Thanks for allowing me to vent my feelings and thoughts
Thanks take care

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Sorry folks im probably a bit paranoid because ive been on my own all day and my thoughts are escalating
I sent my family texts saying im having a break and my sister just rang and asked me what was wrong :neutral_face: i had to apologise as soon as i realised how bizarre i was being

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@Aziz @Joker @Om_Sadasiva


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That’s gross. Do not want