Did your father (mother) flirt with you at the table

That is one of the big reasons I was such a nervous child.

When we were younger, not much flirting I don’t think. Now that we’re all older, my parents have let their hair down and are more openly affectionate with each other. They are still together and there are 5 of us… so they must have found a way to keep that spark going. :wink:

I’m sorry, did you mean… Did they flirt with us at the table, as in while we were at the table?
Or did you mean did they flirt with US personally while at the table?

sorry to hear that chordy.

My father did not flirt but did neglect severely and there was so much fighting going on between him and my brother i know how you feel.

My mother, well, she left very early on and i didn’t even see her until i was eighteen, at which point i went insane about a month after meeting her for the first time.

Yep, i know how you feel.

Im not sure I understand the question, lol.

My dad flirted with everyone
Yes including us, his three daughters
The waitresses, neighbours 16 yr old au pair (affairs too)
His new step daughters, I would imagine
Everything in his life revolved around sex
He was like a sci fi villain from the 70’s