My mom is an asshat

So I told my mom I failed the exam and she was a complete bitch about it the past few days. I had to walk out of my parents house on fathers day it got so bad. She is so mean. I don’t think she even knows what comes out of her own mouth sometimes because if she heard it repeated back to her she would be shocked and embarrassed. I felt bad about the test but was ready to get studying for my retest before my mom but after the past day all I can do is sit here and cry. I spent like half my ssdi on stupid stuff and have been drinking. I haven’t walked or jogged in days, barely left the house. What makes it worse is she keeps calling me on the phone to “see how I’m doing.” I know all she wants to do is tell me some more how I’ve “let the family down”. Borderline mothers are the worst.

I have to stop this before it gets worse. Plan for today:
Eat a few regular healthy meals and snacks.
No alcohol tonight, not even “just” one b/c that’ll turn into 2.
Go for a walk when it gets cooler out this evening.
Log online to study for a while and do questions.
Go to bed early.


That sucks! I would hope my mother would be more sympathetic than critical. I am sorry to hear you have been drinking, too.

Great idea never give up hope and keep plugging away you’ll get there!!

Oh so sorry skims! It’s not your fault at all I think. You’ll study and do it again.

I think you’re incredibly courageous in the degree you’re taking and so what if you fail one exam? It’s not the end of the world and if people are disappointed that’s their problem.

Good call on not drinking tonight.

Hey, my mother was the same when I failed university! It didn’t matter to her how bad I felt that everything I’d studied for all my life was up in smoke. I’ve never forgiven her for that.

I’m doing better. Been no contact with my mom. She’s been desperately trying to get a hold of me and stopping by the house but I’ve been either not at home or just leaving, and not answering the phone when I see here number appear. If she can’t be nice to me then I won’t put up with it. That’s what I plan on telling her when we do speak next. I need to learn to set boundaries with her.

I’ve been studying a little and went for a jog/walk last night. My allergies and asthma are hitting me this week. Not sure if this asthma med I’m on is doing the trick or not, may need something more. Been taking benedryl at bedtime to help with the allergies and claritin in the am. Got the drinking under control again. Went to bed early last night.

I’m trying to cut out the alcohol myself. Maybe you should avoid your mother until this stress is gone.

I feel bad. My mom just showed up. Asked if we could talk, if I was done avoiding her. I said no. She didn’t say anything and left. I feel so mean. She just dredges up the worst guilt no matter how it goes.