I made my mom wet her eyes tonight

Today I have my last job interview. I have stopped applying for job and maybe i can give myself sometime before getting started again. The panels are very nice persons. It went well. And I’m honest about my background and a lot of my point of views. I asked how I can better prepare myself for the job toward the end of the interview. I’m grateful for their answers. The interviewers told me that I’m very good on every aspects. They say the thing is, it is wasteful if I am taking up a clerical job. They asked me to work in my old profession again, in another role at the back. They really think for me. And i am flattered. The other interviewer asked me to take up some cases and then go for research. It is actually heart warming to have strangers giving me their thoughtful suggestions.

Tonight I’m talking to my mom, maybe I would get better and then I could practice again. In fact, I want to do a lot of research and make some changes. My mom wet her eyes and said she noticed that I’m getting much better. I talked about what I’ve been reading and mom is supportive to my megadosing. When my mom saw my supplements, her reaction is, “remember to eat them all up”. I think nothing would be more supportive than that. So, I’m taking into better considerations about the cofactors and I’ll do it better.

We have dinner together on mother’s day and I remember to pay. My mom is really happy. I think it is something to be proud of, when my mom let me pay or carry things for her. She often doesn’t let people do that.


i am really happy for you, good on you.
take care

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Good going @goggles - I’m really happy for you

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I’ve never known a parent’s love so i can’t really relate, but thats great you are getting along with her, some of them simply neglect and abuse and use and lie.

My mother even judges me for having this disease, even calls me stupid at times.

The negative onslaught i have had to put up with because of her is astounding, she is truly a horrible person.

Great you are getting along with yours, it’s an important relationship to have in the positive.


I’m sorry u don’t get along with your parents. I wish u will find your own world. My parents are not perfect, it’s far from the truth. but they are the only one who want me to live with them. Relationships change.

Oh yes, im aware it could get better, im not one of those forever and ever people, but for now mine and her’s relationship is just garbage.

I’m very happy for you goggles! This sounds like a big step and that you’re accepting it is very good! Well done :blush:!

Take care,

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