My mind is different now

As opposed to pre-diagnosis I was always the optimistic happygolucky kind of guy. I am negative all the time


It’s a matter of re-programming your behaviour to be positive again. Takes effort, but you can do it.



I went for a walk to stop thinking about it. :slight_smile: I will give these a quick read

@TheKidinCahoots if you can read and absorb information you are a lucky mate.
Happy for you if this is so.
Still, there is a lot of rubbish out there, you need to filter and try to absorb only useful information.

Hi @TheKidinCahoots,
I feel my thouhjts are different too. I miss my old thoughts, have people doinig all things all that comes out of my mind are negative, perverted thoughts. I am really scared of them. I have people after me because of them, they imply to me they will kill me because my intrusive thoughts are so obscene. Who can I do?

It scares me to think what I was like when I was off drugs. I was headed for trouble.

Hi @TheKidinCahoots, how are you! Do you want to talk to me!

Currently in the same boat, right now. :rowboat:
Trying to reprogram my brain to think positively, once again.