My mental health in the work place

i’m talking about 15yrs ago when i was working for my dad, i wish he could have seen the pain in my eyes under the facade, i wish someone noticed but i hid it so well, my own fault really, my own fault it got so bad, i blame myself of course but now that i am looking forward to a new era of work in a whole new area i want to put all that dirt and grime behind me, from ‘cars to car e’ lol only one letter in it really and i think my dad would be proud, i think he is anyway.

i can help people instead of needing help i will be giving it and if that isnt turning the tables idk what is :slight_smile: now i just got to stay on the ball.


I got in trouble doing care because I had everybody else ready in the house to go to a dance,
and we were on our way out the door,

and a young woman who was in patient at the time, but living in the house, her dad called and
asked me to come get her from the hospital and bring her home,

I can’t remember what I said, something like This really isn’t a good time, can you bring her home,
or something to that extent, he reported me and then another girl who was working with me,

took all our other clients, and I drove my own car to go up and get the woman, but the dad
was really belligerent with me.

Same woman, 2 months later, we were trying to find something fun to do, went to the mall in my car, since the other care givers needed the van, so we went to the mall and we passed by the nail place, and the woman got excited, I thought what the heck we’ll do it.

So she had the whole procedure all ten fingers, got home and the other care givers said her job won’t allow her to have nails, something I may have known, but just forgot. She had to have them all removed, and she said it hurt bad. Her father then said that I was no longer able to work with his daughter.

It caused a great deal of tension and animosity within the house.

You have a two hour window to get all the meds done, and one night I had the guys out at Boy Scouts meeting that went over, and it was a half an hour away, and driving home I knew, I was going to miss the window for meds. (should have brought all of them with me) I got written up. Then the med book wasn’t organized properly, so I missed one med for a client, and got written up. Then, I didn’t have them filled for another guy on time, and I knew that was it, 3 med errors and they fire you.

So I quit.

wow, sounds very strict, i think i would rather learn from my mistakes than get fired, anyway if i get fired its their loss and i will just move on, everything is written down and recorded in notes so that nothing is missed i think you just have to do your best and just be honest, i would be woorking with the elderly anyway i hope, i think they are more forgiving (hopefully) lol more vulnerable as well :confused:

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I didn’t mean to scare ya, this was over the course of two years, so it wasn’t all at once.

sometimes I was busy cooking dinner for the clients and trying to get meds at the same time,
not a good idea, but it all had to be done between 5 and 7 pm, plus the meetings were at that time too.

You’ll do great, and you’ll love it.

still sounds exciting and dont worry you didnt scare me, it just makes it sound all a bit more thrilling and exciting like no matter what, if i stay true then i can do anything i want, every stumbling block is a learning curve i think they say or i did anyway, i just want to do good at it, the only thing i am any good at is helping people (or trying to anyway)

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cuz sometimes, yeah, you gotta make the dinner, but then some clients need help with their food, and getting fed properly, and making sure they don’t choke, and doing all the meds, etc… ha!

I miss it though.

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i am generally very good with people, it never use to be like that, i lost my personality and i was emotionally dead but i got it back and now i am going to use it to help people, its not just about the money,

and i know about the meds and meals and maybe even some shopping or cleaning but i think it will be ok as long as i stay positive, i’m going to try and go for 2/3 hours a day how many hours did you do?

the other thing about meal time is, the women all get real bossy,

and some of the guys take food off other’s plates, ha!

anyway, good luck getting the job. Don’t be afraid to lay down the law.

Getting let go was the best thing that ever happened to me as I got a much better job that lasted 17 years.

The other company went totally out of business in a year. :ghost:

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what did you do @katwomansz ? just wondering :slight_smile:

I’m a chemist. I think I have to work full time to the end of the year at least. Then I’ll tell them part time with many vacations until they get the idea.

They don’t want me to retire so that helps my ego a bit. Maybe I have become indispensable. So I’ve been sucked back in. Is that what I want?

So I’ve been busy with no time to check in and maybe that’s a good thing for now.

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