I walked out of work today

I am so tired and angry and I just had it.
I might get fired but I don’t care. The only thing is that my income will get messed up if I do.
Customers being garbage, manager being garbage to me too. I’m tired of it all.
The only thing is that I do not have another job lined up which sucks.
I want to quit so bad and I am ready to quit. I know you all have posted recommendations for jobs before but none of them seemed to fit my current position (student, no car, no advanced specific skills/knowledge).
I don’t know if I should come in tomorrow I’ll probably get yelled at and fired or whatever. I just want this to end.

I’m sorry. That sounds like a really tough situation. But you should definitely still go in tomorrow. Even if they’re just going to fire you. Better to face up to it. And if they weren’t planning to fire you, you don’t want to get fired for a no call no show.


I guess that’s true. I just hate that my garbage manager gets the satisfaction of being a jerk to me and getting away with it and all those god awful customers. They took satisfaction in me getting upset and ran with it.
If I get fired I atleast get time to do things I need to do. But ugh…

Sorry to hear you’re having such a hard time at work. It sounds as though it would benefit you to get out of that toxic environment. Can’t be good for your mental health, but i’m sure you’ve already come to that conclusion yourself.

I thought I could bear through it until I got another job but I just can’t. It hurts inside fearing possibly getting fired but yes I’ve noticed that working there has made me more stressed and changed my physical and mental health. I’ve been eating less and feeling like days go past in one big block of time. I know the issue is with the enviroment and not me but I can’t help but blame myself a bit…

i remember one job i had back in 2010.
i had been hired with 2 other men about the same age as me and the first project they made us do was fold these big cardboard boxes in the back and one day probably 2 or 3 weeks into the first month a person from a different department came to us and asked if anyone wanted to step up and come to their project which was bagging plastics in 55 lb bags on a belt line that was fed by a hopper that was connected to a semi outside that would drop the plastic pellets. then after busting my butt for a while i decided to have a fun night and i got drunk with some friends one night and the next day i ended up sleeping all day and missing work and pulling what is called a no call no show. they fired me when i came in a couple days later to settle things. i remember feeling like i was being treated like a number by this corporation and that truly they did not give a **** about their employees. after that i never looked at work the same and that every company just uses people and treats them like crap because they can replace them within a week or less with someone else. the reason i was even more mad was because i actually stepped up and volunteered to do more work than the other 2 goof heads that were hired the same time as me and still got the boot because of wanting to enjoy myself one night. now of course i know drinking is not healthy and that it was a bad choice on my decision however there was no tolerance for what i did and it made me feel like the company and other people had no heart and were acting like robots

I’m sorry that happened to you :frowning: Alot of companies are like that and just treat people like another number. It’s a real rat race to find a tolerable job.

I’m going to go into work today. Not sure what to expect. I’m ready to just say “I quit”. I really don’t want to continue working there unless I can at least get way less hours so I have some income before fully quitting.

I think you should call in if it’s still working hours

since you should have a grace period

just make up something, that you were sick and had to leave.

Don’t quit your job.

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That’s gonna be hard because it was pretty obvious that I left because I was mad. I do have some sick days left but I don’t think my manager will buy it.

I do have an HR contact though…I was thinking about calling them about what happened but I don’t know if they can do anything about it…


An update
I came in and they…didn’t even ask me about last night?? The people I worked with today weren’t there so that maybe why but I don’t see why my managers didn’t tell the manager who was doing today’s shift about it.
Anyways I haven’t been fired but…ugghhhh.

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Thanks for this. I still struggle with accepting I make mistakes but I’m trying to be better at it.
On wednesday one of the managers I worked with that night was there that shift and didn’t say anything? Can I just walk out if I get super mad at this job?? I know the answer is no but nobody has said anything about what happened on Monday and only one person asked if I was okay and they weren’t there.
Anyways I have to work with both managers and possibly the same crew tonight. I can only hope that I don’t throw a chair at someone, especially one of the managers in particular. :skull:

Maymbe their just that unorganized and don’t even notice when somebody abandons lol. Maymbe there was a possible write-up…as a warning. They should’ve notified u by now though, maymbe their just coo bout it cause their trying to be somewhat understanding?

dont worry about it! youre not gonna get fired, just go in and explain that you have a mental illness and it was just too difficult for you. just say you appologize and that you know you really need to tell someone next time, but apologize and they will let you back. If you need a day or two off just ask and they will help you.

I used to get harassed by my bosses and I always stuck around for years on the job in spite of mistreatment by my bosses. Even downright abuse. I never quit because I had a little mouth to feed at home. I think a lot of people nowadays are spoiled and expect too much of their jobs.

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