They don't care, face it its a given

just lost my job, in home health care, why you my ask, one i never got my book on how to do my job, and two, the person i work for used me over the hours aloted. and gave me a job for theyer own personal gain. which is not a loud. baseicly i was f*cked out of a job by my carey.

I’m sorry DrZen.

Oh god, I’m sorry to hear that DrZen.

@DrZen that is horrible. I hope something works out for you. Keep your head up. :horse::horse::horse:

I’m so sorry for you, @DrZen. I hope you can find another position really soon. I will pray for you.

I"M Sorry to hear that @DrZen

I quit my job 2 months ago and i had alot of managers that weren’t cool… but i been feeling GREAT since then.

Hope all the best for yah!

Maybe this is for the best. Perhaps you can find another job where you are treated fairly?

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