My job is too hard

My job is way too hard I’m overwhelmed with stress doing tax research. I took off today but feel like quitting for good. Got nothing lined up.


sorry to hear your job is being hard on you… maybe you should take some time off on sick leave and see what your pdoc says about keep going to work.

I hate my pdoc she put me on stims and I can never nap because of it

My work is even more pressure. As a stock trader I remain fixed on the screen. I know that any moment I may go bankrupt.

When money comes your way, it comes very slowly.

I am a tax collector and my job is hard too. It too stressed about it but it’s difficult and a lot of work and with COVID I can’t travel so some people I can’t even get in touch with.

There are easy jobs out there, I found mine on the Indeed website. It’s an easy and low stress job, the schedule is good and the money is not bad. From the time I applied online to the time I was hired was about a week.

Browse job websites on your days off, or after work, and apply for ones that appeal to you, when you get a new job quit your old one. You can work your old job and search for a new one simultaneously instead of quitting this job before you have another one lined up.

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I cut 100s of keys everyday. I don’t like it lol

I didn’t think i would get a job, I haven’t had a real job in over a decade so my resume sucks and I had no relevant experience for this job I got yet I still managed to get hired, turns out I made a good impression on the phone interview.

I applied to dozens of jobs, only a few gave me a chance at an interview. Just keep looking and applying.

Another thing, setup your resume on the Indeed website and make it searchable by employers, they’ll come to you in some cases.

You have an impressive sounding job, that should make potential employers more likely to hire you, or at least give you a chance at an interview.

If it is too much stress then I think of two possibilities—

  1. You are taking on too much work at once
  2. You are blowing the job up, and they do not need you to do what you think.

Maybe it is something else. But try to work out about it before it’s too late.

I quit today got another job lined up on the 28th


Nice, hope it works out for you.

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