What should I do now?

Today I had to quit my job because it was just too much for me. They gave me pile on pile of different responsibilities. I felt I couldn’t file one more paper… However I am not ready to give up on work. I have substitute teaching in 2 months. Should I stick to that or look for another job in the mean time to practice? Maybe I can call the employment agency and ask them if they have low stress jobs similar to my last one? Or learn programming from home these 2 months and wait to substitute teach…? Or… Try again at my current job tomorrow. I refuse to give up on work and school. Maybe I can do a part time job and an art class?

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Dvr recommended a 3 month part time job paying $10 per hour scanning documents. Maybe I could ask about that?

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Can you “try again at my current job” when you already quit?

i have no suggestions but i will say that you yourself are the best judge of your own abilities, only you will know what you are and what you are not capable of,

i think if you are asked to do too much maybe speaking to the manager could help, he may be able to take some pressure off of you by cutting down your workload and offer some support, i think you were probably an asset to that company and they will miss you as well.

i hope it works out for you anyway :slight_smile: xxx

Good for you, @anon62973308!

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I found lots of jobs online for things like online reading tutor, part time computer programming tutor, etc. I have experience tutoring computer science so this would be a good job for me :slight_smile: I will not give up! I will focus on part time jobs to “work my way” back into full time!

Thanks @Tomasina. I remember you complained to me before about having low energy. I hope you make peace with your illness and practice wellness skills. I’m glad you see some light in my poor work skills, that I at least try my best. @chordy I exaggerated I didn’t quit yet just told them I need the rest of the day off.


Way to stay positive! It is nice to see that you are staying upbeat despite the setback. I am glad you aren’t giving up on your dreams. You can certainly try for the online jobs, and if not, scanning documents sounds pretty straightforward.

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I think I prefer in person to online. I am rather energized by people for some reason… I think my top choice would be to teach game design to kids. It is part time. Oh am I excited!

I prefer in person, too. I am scared of people, but I enjoy them at the same time… if that makes any sense.

Yes it is the same for me. I am shy but other times I can’t shut up!

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