Ways to cope with the stress of work/school?

Those of you who work or are in school or both, how do you manage?

COVID-19 majorly set me back in my job hunt (was just about to get hired at a call center before the virus became a threat and the place was forced to go on a hiring freeze). I’m back to looking now because money has become a more pressing need with my current family situation.

My first job post-psychosis (and my last job to date) was horribly stressful. I’m sure some of you know the story already because I talked about it nonstop shortly after I quit around this time last year, lol. It was a fast food job that gave me awful anxiety, and I made the decision to be open about my mental illness there – against my better judgement – and some of my coworkers weren’t so understanding regarding my difficulties. I guess I was naive in expecting more support than what the average person is capable of giving. I also had shift-long access to energy drinks, and developed quite the obsession with them, to the point where I would drink two or three every shift. Yeah… deeply regret doing that, lol.

The very nature of that job didn’t lend itself to my temperament anyway. I’m not quick to think on my feet, and I get nervous dealing with strangers. But I don’t want memories of what I endured there to hold me back from working again. I know I can do it. But I’ll need help, so… tips, please, haha? (School is basically work to me so if you’re only a student at this time, I welcome your input as well.)

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Retail jobs are always tough. I think an office position as a receptionist or admin assistant would be easier for you. In any case, perserverance is the greatest predictor of success. Don’t give up and you will succeed. Practice meditataion and exercise daily. They will help you cope with the stress.

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Thanks for the tips! I think I’d enjoy working as a receptionist. I’m browsing job local listings and throwing applications everywhere I’m qualified to work. I hope I can get something less stressful than retail or fast food.

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I think the stress/anxiety thing is the biggest obstacle we have to face especially regarding work. I honestly don’t know how this can be completely overcome because even people who don’t have this illness usually feel stress around there job. It’s just an unpleasant fact of life.

For example I am working at a job teaching English as a second language in a foreign country. The job itself isn’t/shouldn’t be that stressful and I know a lot of people would laugh if they told them I was anxious about the job, if they experienced that it’s actually pretty easy.

I think taking care of your overall physical health and getting regular exercise can help reduce stress.