My husband trying everything to keep me

Oh man, my husband is trying to offer me the moon to get me back. Calls me and says he will pay me double or triple the disability money and go back to work so I have house to myself in day and his dad will do driving and I can have all the books and movies I want. He sounds like he is trying to save marriage in desperate way and it’s making it so hard for me!

Why can’t he just accept I want out? He’s so desperate and will offer me everything I want but doesn’t understand it’s not money I want it’s positive people around me and freedom from negative energy.

Why didn’t he offer these things whilst we were together? Now he wants to pull out all the stops to get me to stay with him. Am i being unreasonable to still want divorce?

He said he’s changed and has new perspective on things but I still don’t want to go back. My sister is divorced twice from same man and she says men don’t change. I think so too.

He’s making it hard for me and I’m getting irritated that he doesn’t want to accept it that I want to leave

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I’m not an expert, but it sounds like you should listen to your sister. It’s too bad that he hasn’t really changed. But I think you should trust your instincts. Good luck!


I understand you feeling the way you do. I’ve broken up with men also. It’s been many years and now, when I see how men are, I feel like I didn’t appreciate them enough. The men I broke up with, are so much better than the men I’ve met since. But I understand how you feel. And I know, you said you just want to be alone. If you don’t have a problem with men harassing you, maybe you’ll be alright. I’d rather have the protection.

I would hold on to what you decided before. Don’t let him bribe you back in. You feel what you need best yourself.

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My ex husband was really mean to me. When I told him I was divorcing him he suddenly got nice and started pleading, saying he would do this and that. I still left him. My daughter says he’s a total jerk to his new wife. So he never changed.


People change, but not that often. I changed, however.


Unfortunately, whether he changes or not is really not up to him. His illness makes him act violently and it is beyond his ability to control it. He can’t honestly promise he won’t get violent again because he legitamitely does not know if or when it will happen.


I don’t believe these kinds of promises.

Be confident and do whats best for your health.


What @ninjastar says makes a lot of sense

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A leopard cannot change its spots. I think you should stick to your decision however hard it may be.

My ex said she decided to have a divorce. I didn’t want to but still divorced her cause I loved her so much.

If your husband really cares about you, he’ll set you free. That’s from my frame of reference.

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That’s exactly what I hope my husband will do. If he really loves me he will let me go. He can always stay friends with me if he wants me in his life. He’s only a phone call away


If he doesn’t know how to stay friends with you, he definitely doesn’t know how to change. In my opinion


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