Moved in with my sister today

I’m now separated from my husband. My sister took me to bring my stuff to her place and now I’m living with her and two nieces.

This household is such fun! We listen to music, play games, laugh and mostly have a good time. My sister and nieces all work hard to contribute to household and I aim to contribute too with money my husband gives me. And later with disability money and hopefully a work from home job. I’d like to do proofreading. And maybe writing and painting.

I spoke to hubby on phone this afternoon and he was all soft and gentle with me and said he wants to change for better.

But I don’t want to go back to him because he’s said it before and reverted back to his negative and argumentative ways.

I love him but he saps my energy and time and I’m tired of nursing him and looking after him and having hardly any time to myself

I told him I want a separation for a while, but plan to tell him soon I want it to be permanent separation (ie. divorce) just so he can gradually get used to idea. I don’t want to hurt him, and I want to stay friends. This I told him and he took it ok. We will chat again and keep in touch.

I still have to tell him of appt I made with judicial council to start divorce proceedings. I just need to give him a week or so to chat more and get adjusted to idea.

I still feel quite at peace at idea of divorcing him. Just feel sorry for him but I think we will be better people separately.

Its not only his illness and negativity that weighs me down but my sza and borderline illness too.

It’s not fair on him that we struggle so hard. I can’t meet his needs and vice versa. We will be better off with our own families.