My god this illness sucks

Really all of the stories. The instability. I don’t know how much longer I can tolerate coming to this site. It’s been a great place but it can be such a downer. I don’t really mean that I’m leaving it is more just an expression of how this place makes me feel sometimes.

Thank god for this site though. I would have been totally alone in this if I hadn’t found this place.

Keep trucking people. This might just be the worst disease there is. It’s totally painless but everything else is going wrong.

All diseases are pretty terrible, but really this neurological ■■■■■■■■ just seems unfair.

Good luck people. Words can’t express how much I feel for all you and your struggles.


its an up and down illness man, its unfortunately not linear

In my experience I’ve been gradually getting better. I’ve kind of hit a wall though. I don’t really know how to progress at this point so I’ve decided to divert my efforts to some life changes like setting up a decent diet and ridding myself of the cycle of consuming coffee and tobacco.

I’m only delusional part of the time now. When I’m not around people I’m almost entirely symptom free.

Man people are just weird though. Especially people who use drugs.

At least I’m seeing life through normal eyes now.

I don’t know if I’d prefer to be isolated during the day with all the noise or maintain this schedule of staying up all night. At least I can relax as there are no triggers for my hallucinations.

id suggest just taking up activities. itll fill your time, youll feel like your accomplishing something and itll get you moving

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Yeah I’m just about ready to start living life again. I have no interests at this point though. The only things to do in this town are drink and smoke weed.

I’ll figure something out.

you know its the same everywhere. think about it, put yourself in a busy city , what will you do? see a movie? go for coffee? go to the bar? go to the club? get drunk? smoke weed?

its all the same. you just gotta diversify your hobbies. thats what ive been doing anyway.
and I live close to a big city.

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Even less to do at 4 am.

yup, not to be a hardass about it but its really up to you whether you want to have interests or not. only you can make yourself learn something new.


I’ve been stuck recently with staying up all night and sleeping during the day. I wish I knew how to get out of it. I have school to keep me busy and now an internship. They’re both virtual so I can do my work in the middle of the night. But if you enjoy learning there are universities that offer free video lectures. There are also websites to learn different programming languages. You just have to pinpoint what your passions are and there are tons of activities out there. Even during the day try to find a group that has similar interests like yoga or role playing. There are things out there you just have to look. :sun_with_face:


I’m gonna give it a few more weeks.

I’ve found myself thinking the exact same thing. I love this site, it’s helped me a lot this past year. It know it goes in phases.

But when I read person after person not doing well and saying how much they refuse to use meds… and therapy… and family help… It makes me very sad for them. I remember exactly where that road leads.

When I was feeling better and stronger… It was odd looking around and seeing just how much my life felt stalled. It was hard not falling back into old habits that brought on all the troubles in the first place.

But little by little getting out… walking and seeing again what was in my area, and trying to connect more… it takes just as much work as getting over this.

Good luck and I hope you find something soon.


I want to be 100% symptom free. That is my goal. I’m beginning to know on the deepest levels that telepathy is not real. I’m hoping with time all the kinks will get ironed out. Maybe a few months maybe a couple years. My life really is on hold until then.

For now I’m going to give up smoking and drinking coffee. I think the key is to allow yourself to feel good simply from abstaining.

I keep finding YouTube channels that are good. Most of the are about video games.

■■■■ these symptoms it’s like everything is talking to me. If I focus on it things get worse. If I focus on other things then it gets better.

Thanks for talking people. Without this forum I’d be lost.


**Things will change @BryanAshley-they have to.
This IS a hard disease, but so many people here ARE doing well. I just read somewhere about having insight…they said it was part of the disease.
Maybe you just need a break–anytime you want–and come back–anytime you want. We`ll be here. **

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Hey, you too. We all just have to ride the waves, enjoy the good times when we have them and do our best to get through the bad just like anyone else. I know that just because things are rough for me right now doesn’t mean I’ll continue to stay in this state forever. Hopefully things will be back to normal (as normal as they get!) soon. The same goes for everyone else.

Meanwhile there are a lot of unusual belief posts going on today o.O

Perhaps people are starting to wise up