My friend stopped taking his meds

My friend who lives in the same block as me stopped taking his meds. He got sectioned the other day, is back now but still not taking them. I really wish he would as I worry he’s gonna have to go back otherwise :frowning:

I’m trying not to feel too responsible about it, but interacting with him is different. He talks really rapidly and its less focused than it was a few months ago.

Its obviously not my job to help him and I respect that its his choice, but I do wish he would as I think its very hard to remain well without the medication. I would imagine his mood/behaviour will continue to get worse :confused:


I’m sorry. It is heartbreaking to watch someone self-destruct like that.


Did he tell you what prompted him to make that decision?

You could try explaining to him why meds are important, and add that you’ll still be his friend no matter what he decides.


He did at one point but I didn’t argue with him as I could have. In hindsight I wish I had said I disagreed with him etc. I think I was worried about him reacting negatively to me.

He was saying he feels much better without them, and his Pdocs weren’t listening to him when he told them it was too sedating and made it harder to think. How if they won’t entertain changing them he doesn’t see why he should take them. Which to some degree I can understand and if I was told to go back on something sedating I would feel tempted to do what he is doing too.

He also was saying that he didn’t trust Pdocs and how they were just an arm of the establishment to give pharmaceutical companies the public money (through the NHS). Which while I can see what he means, and there is a tiny line of logical thinking - it is more of a conspiracy/delusion than how Pdocs actually operate.

Hopefully next time I am braver and address the issue with him.


Yeah I guess that’s a good point. Maybe I could highlight that I’m not like upset with him just worried from experience.

Thanks NinjaStar. Yeah its difficult knowing how much I should do. Guess I can tell him how I feel without feeling like I have authority though.

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Lol my friend still isnt doing too well.
Won’t go into too many details but the staff that works here is both very concerned for his well being and slightly annoyed that she had to move a bunch of his stuff that he’d put in the way of other people (for no good reason).
One person is apparently frightened of him now. I don’t know what happened but it doesn’t sound good :confused:

I managed to tell him a few days ago that I felt better when I take my medication, but he didn’t seem too inspired. I just hope he comes to his senses soon and he does anything bad.


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