My experience with the psychiatrist

He was useless and a f****** twat.
I’m just going to cure myself of this hell by taking all my tablets.

Goodbye everyone. Apparently I’m not even psychotic anyway.

What did he say? :cold_sweat:

This is troubling. What tablets are you on?

Listen, let this guy be a fuxcking twat. Taking all of your meds isn’t going to hurt him. It’s going to hurt the people that love you. All it’s going to do for him is get a bunch of sad people to give him pity. That’s ■■■■. Speak with his higher ups if he has any and leave his so called help. That way he won’t be getting any pity or paycheck from you or your insurance. Remember when it comes to pdocs and Ts and everything in between, you’re not ever bound to one “professional”. You’re a consumer and you can take your business else where. You deserve someone who will help you. You also deserve to live.


Please talk with us, Jesspresso. We’re very concerned about you. :anguished:


Can you get a different psychiatrist? I think that one psychiatrist I talked to was experiencing a little counter transference. That’s where the psychiatrist projects his or her past problems on you. See what options you have for getting a new psychiatrist. That might help. Maybe, if these pills seem so alluring, you should think about checking yourself into the hospital. You don’t want to do anything that can’t be undone. Remember that you have people on this site who you can talk to.

Also, don’t forget the crisis lines. If you feel yourself wanting to take all your pills it might help to call one of them.

There are emergency suicide prevention numbers here is one, 18002738255. If you’re really thinking about harming your self call that number or 911. Don’t take all the pills at once. As Crimby stated, there are many psychiatrists. You can always switch. It would hurt your family and we’re already worried about your well being here. I know nobody wants to have a mental illness but life is still worth living.

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He said that because the voices are from the inside of my head, I’m making them up and they are because of anxiety and emotional problems ( but my exams finished 4 months ago and I’ve been getting worse). He also said my feelings of being monitored and followed “don’t make sense” and therefore I must be lying.
Oh, and the fact I used to study Psychology means that I must have taught myself how to be mentally ill!
I told him I was going to overdose because the voices were saying I deserve to die and 10 minutes later he was saying “bye then” .
I could hear him thinking that I am pathetic and weak and it doesn’t matter if I die.

I told you guys that the people around me are programmed. This is what I mean.

They are programmed :confused:
They don’t care if I am dead or alive.

He is discharging me from the psychosis team.

The people hacking my brain have won. This is what they wanted.

Jesspresso, if you’re feeling suicidal, will you please go into the hospital Emergency Room and talk with them?

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I am not doing anything tonight because my mum is so worried about me and I don’t want to hurt her like that :frowning:
I don’t know how much longer I can continue like this though, especially when people think I am just putting on an act.

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There might be a nurse or someone sympathetic who can help you

Would your mum accompany you to the hospital? It may well give you both peace of mind.

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He sounds dumb :roll_eyes:Voices coming from inside your head are called thought insertion and are a known symptom of psychosis. Find a better doctor. Don’t let one jerk turn you off to good mental health care forever.


We care. Your mum cares. Another doctor will care.

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If I go to the hospital, they will just refer me to the mental health team I am already a part of.

They may also refer me to the psychosis team, but apparently I’m not psychotic so I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I try to think positively and enjoy life but bad thoughts and images keep intruding my brain. Hearing everyone’s negative opinions about me is exhausting. Feeling like I’m being followed and going to be murdered every time I go outside is exhausting. But apparently I’m faking this because of a psychology course I did at college.
I hate psychiatric doctors.

I am seeing my psychiatric nurse on Monday.

The psychosis team are ditching me it seems.

I don’t know what to say - I’m very sorry.