This goes againest everything i preach but,

Im refusing my Xeplion jab on the 15th.

Im sick of feeling flat - and getting absolutly no enjoyment out of any of my video games or movies.

Im not sure the reaction will be - they certainly cant force it - for all i know they will accept it. Im feeling well - and i have a stock of Quetiapine to fall back on, and i have to say i reckon i been pretty stable latley. Any voices and i recognise them, and ignore accordingly.

This goes againest my mantra of taking your meds even when well, so im probably a hypocrite - but i wanna give it a try.

Thoughts? Am i being an idiot? lol :slight_smile:


Mate. It’s worth a shot.

Honestly I was always and still do look for better function. That has been good for me and bad in equal doses. Like some changes have worked well. Some have been abyssmal but it was worth a shot.

As always. Do it with your doctor so your getting monitored properly. We often lose insight into how we are doing and that is an issue so having someone to keep tabs on you is good.

Otherwise. You know yourself and your symptoms. Good luck.


Sorry to say but I’m not sure you can handle being off meds even for 5 minutes.

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Yeah i havent told the doctor yet. Its more of me, telling him no when he arranges to come round. Thanks for the supportive words - ive been told ive got great insight, so like to think i know if im going downhill.

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Haha. Thanks for the brutal honesty lol. Seriously, i dont come across as that bad do i?

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No thats fine. Im asking for opinions.

I’m thinking of asking my new pdoc to let me quit the abilify shot

Usually you’re really lucid and witty but I’ve also seen you going all hatter like in a splash.

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Haha. True. We will see. 15151515

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@Crystal-Cotton My god, you’re facing criminal charges and still being adversarial with the authorities in charge of your well being. You cannot afford not to show 100% compliance and contrition. You don’t have to agree with them, just understand who is in charge and sorry to say, that’s not you.

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Yes but the meds make me unable to focus on anything

Also you shouldnt be off meds either

@Crystal-Cotton You might have a point but I’m not living in an institution or facing criminal charges or have violent ideation. More importantly I always show respect to doctors, nurses and social workers. Each case is different.

I don’t have violent ideation either

Haha thanks for hijacking my thread lol. I been on AP’s for 28 years, and been relativley stable for 90% of the past 5 years of it. You aint my love.

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Sorry but I’ve always been stable unlike u

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I hate that I’m being forced to take meds although i’m stable

What criminal charges?

Do you have sudden and acute episodes when off of antipsychotics?

Maybe worth going onto pills and tapering off?

I’m aiming to come off myself, think it’s always worth a shot…. Just got to be clever about it. It’s a gamble either way!

How long have you been off medication now? Remember you saying you don’t have sudden severe episodes?

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