Join me or GTFO

So today I lost a friend because he couldn’t support me going off meds. Despite the fact that I’m symptom-free and my pdoc is watching closely, it wasn’t enough for him. There are supportive people here on this forum (you know who you are), and I don’t think with an emerging science (psychiatry) you can paint everyone with the same brush. In the world of mental illness, you can’t form these rigid, concrete stereotypes of people and expect them to all fall into neat little categories. Very little in life is black and white. When it comes to the brain and all the mysteries it holds, you simply can’t say people MUST be on meds. There are very few drugs I haven’t been on. From Clozaril to Thorazine and everything in between. They just. Don’t. Work. Join me in supporting me or Get the ■■■■ Out.


I think you should try going without the medicine. For most people it doesn’t work, but for some it does. You won’t know unless you try. It’s good that your doc is watching you.

I support you Alien. I dont know if I would of taken this non medication route myself - believe me I am tired of meds, but am too much of a chicken to stay without them for now. I admire your courage and it could work out, your pal Wave

I am with you Alien. I know what you’re going through hun. I just tapered down on my medication with the support of my psychiatrist from 30 mgs to 15 mgs and my memory loss is fading. I am more alert, and people think I’m on ADHD medication and I’m like, no I just am on less Abilify lol. No symptoms.

My best remedy for all this: reduction in stress, meditation and focus on balancing the meridians AKA learning to mediate the flow of chi through my own center, being true to myself, not focusing on absolutes and constantly analyzing right from wrong-developing my will power and self will, ignoring media and conspiracies that have ulterior political agendas, writing, taking small amounts of vitamins for sleep and neuron repair. Such as vitamin B-complex and Melatonin. I tried some other vitamins but I’m doing more research before adding to my regimen.

It also helps to instead of dwell, re-focus energy on advancing my education. Whether spiritual education such as Buddhist philosophy or confidence building, job searching etc.

i don’t do meds because they did not work for me, so i am happy that you are feeling better for not being on them.
take care

To paint me you wouldn’t even need a brush, just fingerpaints.

Starrynight is right about the stress. The best medicine is definitely less stress and trying to maintain a calm outlook on things. It isn’t perfect but it has worked for me for the past couple years.

If I had a dime for every time a schizophrenic goes off meds thinking they’re going to be ok the I’d be rich.

I’ve enjoyed your posts, I hope you stay well.

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Hey Malvok, in the limited interaction I’ve had with you, I think you and I have a lot in common as far as critical thinking, logic, faith, and common sense go. Quite honestly, I look forward to your posts because you tend to whack people upside the head with a good dose of common sense. This board needs more of that, frankly. Too much drama and competing to see who’s crazier. Having said that, I understand your skepticism about going off meds. I’ve done it before, and thrived. I’m being supervised by my doctor, and my prognosis is excellent. I’ve never taken a medication that works well and gives me relief. I suppose I’m treatment resistant. I’ll stick around for as long as I feel the need, and I do have friends here that I’d like to keep in touch with.

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I don’t think by any means that you should leave. You’re a valuable member and it would suck to see you go. Clearly you’re working towards recovery even if that doesn’t include medication. You can help many people here.

I wish you luck, Alien. I hope that your personal choice doesn’t make you self conscious about being on this forum. It’s a supportive forum and has gotten a lot better since the upgrade.

I know that taking a smaller dose is one thing, but in my moments of psychosis it was not fun. I don’t dwell on it, but I remember being paranoid, disconnected from things like I thought I was in a time warp, and that this museum was America’s asylum and then I was screaming from the other room, while people whispered about me and walked around me. My delusions and auditory hallucinations were so severe, I lost touch with reality to the extent that I really couldn’t tell what was happening around me. caught up in stories, and ideas. I couldn’t use rational thought so a simple explanation was hard to find for my hallucinations, which appeared very realistic to me, but may not have been even real.

I would focus on staying true to yourself Alien, and if you know from experience that u can become manic or aggitated don’t take that risk of endangering yourself.

Congratulations Alien. I’m glad your doing this with the help of the doc and your wife.

I would LOVE to not be on meds. I am working with my doc to try tapering it down. I’ve just had too many serious head circus glitches lately that let me know it’s just not an option for me yet. :elephant: :tiger2: :circus_tent: