My dog is sick. Again

She woke me up at 3am needing to potty.

She had some poop problems.

Refused her food.

Threw up on her dog bed.

Pooped again,

Now she’s finally resting.

(Gross information, I know) (Sorry)

I know if I take her to the vet they’ll say “put her on a bland diet and take antibiotics”.

So I don’t want to take her.

But part of me says, this might be the time she dies, take her to the vet.

We might be going to the vet today anyway.


So difficult when they are sick or in pain.


oh I am so sorry your doggie is sick…we are in the same boat with our dog, rooroo. She has been a lot better but she scared us last week…if it happens again we are going to put her down…my wife can’t deal with it so we are waiting.


Sometimes the best thing you can do for your dog is putting them to sleep so they’re out of pain and misery.

It hurts, but it’s part of being a responsible pet owner.

I’m sorry, @jukebox.

I’ve been there.

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Sorry @Charles_Foster . I’ve been there with pets before in the past. Fortunately, my current dog is fairly young and pretty healthy. She supposedly has some screwy knees from birth that doc says could cause her problems if doesnt lose weight, and obviously the eye issues, but is mostly healthy at the current time.

It took me years to get another dog after losing my last one. Didn’t want to go through that again.

I hope that your dog recovers and is well.


Yeah I think my stepmom’s dog wasn’t feeling good last night. He was standing and staring at the wall then standing in his dog bed instead of lying down and when my stepmom gave him some popcorn he didn’t eat it and he loves popcorn. But this morning my stepmom said he was doing better and my dad said he ate his breakfast and drank a lot of water and he pooped when my stepmom walked him.

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Sounds like your stepmom’s dog is doing better.

That’s great.

My dog seems to be pretty stable. She’s sleeping now so I suppose that’s good.

Going to make her some rice and try to encourage water.


I’m glad that your doggie is stable now @Charles_Foster

What we do for our babies


She is stable,

But she’s not drinking water.

I have a vet appointment for her at 3pm.

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I’m sorry. That’s so sad. How old is your fur baby? Mine is 13 and I’m so not ready for that stuff

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She’s also 13.


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Please keep us updated on your dogs health if you can @Charles_Foster


Hey everyone,

We just got back from the vet.

She had a fever and he gave us medicine which she’s already started.

She’s in much better spirits than she was this morning.

Even had something to eat and some water.

Still has poop problems, but that should improve.

Thanks guys for the support and well wishes.


So happy to hear that your pup is improving. Hoping it continues :slightly_smiling_face:


Glad she’s improving.
Good thing you took her to the Vet


That sounds good. I’m so hopeful it’s minor and resolves quickly

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I’m so glad she’s doing better.

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Good news!

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Glad your pup is feeling a little better @Charles_Foster :+1:

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My dog is sick too. Excessive pooping and some vomiting. I hope our dogs get better.


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