She'll die naturally

Deoge is 14, and having all kinds of problems,

coughing a lot, walking funny, back legs sore, extended belly, can’t jump up in my lap or on the couch anymore, eyes going bad.

If it ever comes to it, I’m not putting her down, even if she has to suffer, I have suffered a lot, and continue to, and I haven’t killed myself. I’ll give her aspirin and lots of love, and warm baths.

She’s not gonna die in no frigging vet clinic, she’ll die in her home.

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I’ll say it.

That’s straight up cruelty.

You have a responsibility as a pet owner to not let them suffer like that.

They can’t speak for themselves, Daze.

If the dog can no longer function or is in serious pain,

You need to euthanize it.

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I wonder why you always try to start an argument with me.

We may have gotten into in years past, but I’m not drinking anymore,
so it’s not gonna work.

you guys, I’ll see what the vet says this week,
and see what she can give me.
wish it was summer,
and I could take her to swim in a lake.

I’m not trying to argue with you,

I’m stating facts.

You’re willing to let your dog suffer because you’ve suffered?

That’s messed up.

I’d tell any member that, I’m not picking on you specifically.

I agree with @anon54386108

When my childhood dog got so sick, we had her put down as it was the most humane thing to do.

She had a cancer growth on her back leg, was diabetic and could no longer control her bladder. It was so sad to see her go, but it was a lesson to me that no animal should be kept alive past complete functioning failure and death

I wanted my grandad euthanised. He was blind, had dementia and in the end they basically stopped treatment and let him die of dehydration and starvation as he couldn’t eat. In the end they let a chest infection kill him.

To me that’s ■■■■■■■ harsh

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