More talking about my old ass dog. Opinions?

I’m having unanticipated trouble getting Lilly on an anxiety medication.

The vet said she could have valium, but after several hundred dollars worth of diagnostics.

I wouldn’t have a problem paying for it,

But here’s my issue.

I don’t want to find out if my dog is going to die next month.

Seriously, I can’t handle it.

Even if they say all her organs are failing, I’m going to want that medication.

I made a regular vet appointment and will refuse any diagnostics or lab tests.

She’s old!!

All that ■■■■ is not in good shape.

And it doesn’t matter.

I’m going to tell him I want her in palliative care and as comfortable as possible.

It’s not healthy for her to wake up every two hours thinking it’s morning.

Also not healthy for me to lose that much sleep.

She’s also anxious/confused during the day sometimes.

Has anyone done something similar with an aging animal?

What kind of care did they receive?

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Wishing all the best for you and Lilly. I know you care about her a lot.


@Charles_Foster I had my Jack Russell for 19 years. The last year of his life was a slow decline. He stopped being able to walk or eat. I made the decision to keep him comfortable with meds.

And then set an expectation that if he got any worse, I would take the vet’s advice on having him euthanized.

It was a hard choice, because I had him for 19 years. He was a family member. But he was suffering so much. The vet could only keep him comfortable on meds for so long.

It’s hard. And I hope you and your dog get to make the most out of every moment you have together.


Thank you.

I absolutely don’t plan on keeping her going for my sake.

Right now she’s happy and playful.

Though showing signs of decline, mostly mentally.

I’m going to get her the best care possible and when her quality of life is not what it should be,

I will euthanize her,

It’s amazing you got 19 years with your Jack Russell.

I don’t know about my little Lilly,

She may still be kicking it at 19 too.


I don’t have any answers but I feel for you and totally support these decisions you’ve made. You’re her Mommy and you know what’s best for her. I truly believe that


Cherish the time you spend with her.
You know your dog best


My dog had dementia. She would walk in circles and stare at the wall. It was sad losing her. Just remember you will see them again. At least that is how I believe.

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