Something is wrong with Deoge

And I can’t get ahold of Phil.

She’s squatting to go poppy, but she can’t,

and keeps dragging herself from outside to inside.

She might have an obstruction.

It’s Sunday, and tomorrow is a holiday.

I just filled more water for her, but I’ve never seen this before.

Do you have an emergency vet you can take her to?

I can try calling her vet, not sure if they’ll give me an emergency phone number.

@Daze there are emergency vets that are open 24/7. You can try googling one in your area. Let me know if you want me to help find one.

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You can also Google emergency vets for your city.


I just sent you a PM @Daze

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I called Emergency Vet care of the Quad Cities,

and they’re open 24 hours until Tuesday morning.

Phil has my car and my debit card, as his car is broken down.

I just had her outside again, and she’s still squatting to go, but nothing there.


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Probably just constipation. My dog gets it sometimes. I give him a treat on his food to keep it away. I mix 1 egg with 1\3 cup oil until a light yellow “gravy” and give to her. i used to work with a vet years ago while farming and she gave me the recipe. If you have honey add a teaspoon.


Keep giving her water, and maybe try taking her for a walk. It could be constipation, and exercise is good for that.

Did she eat the last time you fed her? We just had our dog to the vet for a similar reason, and they said animals wont usually keep eating if they are impacted/obstructed.

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thank you so much. I will try it. I feed her Iams, and she’s always regular.


You’re welcome. Try giving her that once a week or more on her food. My dog literally dances when he sees me make it. It also helps skon, coat and eyes. Just be aware the first poo after may be runny since the oil stims the bowels.

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Can you call Phil and ask him to come home?

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yeah, he’s not answering.

I just took her for a walk, dragging her along, she kept squatting but never went,
and she threw up twice.

And she won’t eat the egg with oil.

That doesn’t sound good. Can you massage her tummy gently? Make an I shape, then L, then upside down U. It helps move things along the belly tract. Some won’t stay still though.

Do you have a friend or family member you can call to help you get Deoge to the vet?

she just had a poppy on the linoleum and it was all matted to her fur

I did my best to cut it off of there, poor thing, she needs a grooming,

can’t get her in anywhere til the 17th of this month.

I think she’ll be okay.

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Until you can get her there, keep trying egg and oil. Even 1 small egg with a tablespoon oil will work. She’s small, right? The other recipe may have had too much oil for her.

Pumpkin is alsp good. A teaspoon mixed with her food.

My friend has a small dog, 6 pounds, and she gives her dog an egg scrambled in a tablespoon margarine. It’s all abput getting the oil in. Dogs love margarine!

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yes, she likes wet food. I’ll keep it in mind.

I cut off her hairs and poppy, so maybe that was all that was needed.

Phil has given her eggs with milk, when we run low on dog food.

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Hope she feels better.

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Milk is not so great for dogs.
It can cause diarrhea.
I hope Deoge feels better soon.

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