My Diet Has Been a Miracle So Far

I have lost 30 pounds, am down one pants size and have few to no cravings since I’ve gotten off the bread and limited the sugar. Sometimes I have broken the diet some. When I go to my brother’s house he usually gives me a ginger ale which I like to drink occasionally. The Super Bowl was binge city on brown sugar flavored barbeque chicken wings. I also occasionally eat popcorn, a baked potato and a little dressing on my salad. But otherwise I’ve been following it quite well. Of course my body will change over time and it may stop working some day like some of my drugs have. But for now it’s working well. I have more energy and feel in control of the worst side effect of my APs. No diet works for everyone and it may have more to do with bread than sugar in my case because I once was diagnosed with a yeast allergy. But things are definitely looking up.


congratulations on losing 30 pounds Blizzard. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to boost my energy levels as well. I guess I should limit my sugar intake as well.

Wow thats awesome!

How long did that take?

2 and a half months.

Nice. Keep up the good work and remember to excersise and not do anything too extreme (though it doesn’t seem to be a problem). Fast weight loss can cause muscle atrophy which can actually slow your metabolism

I love hearing positive stories. Congratulations.

OK so I’m curious what do u eat?

Meat, including plenty of fish along with chicken, beef and turkey), nuts (unsalted preferably), veggies (especially broccoli), yogurt (plain with a little fruit like blueberries or strawberries to flavor it), cheese, mild chili (I’m going off of the ketogenic diet just a bit there but it’s good) along with mushrooms, green peppers, mustard, hot dogs,onions, and other seasonings). I also add mustard, lemon juice, pepper, and lime juice to chicken and lemon juice, lime juice, and pepper to fish. I like to fix eggs too in the morning with onions, mushrooms along with some turkey sausage that doesn’t have sugar added, or a ground beef patty… It’s been a fairly repetitive diet but I’ve managed. I do also eat butter sometimes with meals. I realize that what I eat may not be the safest thing for my heart, but it does help with the scales, and my mind as well which has been clearer since I’ve gotten off the bread. I will admit the voices remain so it’s not a complete miracle there. But there’s limitations to everything isn’t there? I also eat a banana or orange every day.

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