Going to try the high carb model

changing my diet up again.

it goes: celery juice


breakfast smoothie with protein powder

lunch can of beans maybe some butter

dinner salad with fish

I anticipate i’ll lose some weight but I will be getting about 60g protein, enough to support muscle. I don’t know if the beans and protein powder are actually good sources of protein though. I will find out and report back.

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everything Im watching on youtube is recommending the keto diet so this is going against the grain somewhat. I think if my calories aren’t too high I wont get fat, despite the high carbs. hopefully I don’t develop diabetes.

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I figure i’ll give it 3 months and gauge the results. if it’s not working I may cut out the fruit smoothie and replace it with a turkey burger and some veggies. kind of an untraditional breakfast but whatever.

I was vegan for 4 years but that was just a phase, im ok eating turkey and fish for the benefits. when im 50 i’ll probably go back to being vegetarian.

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nevermind. I’ve just now convinced myself to go with some meat for breakfast and get rid of the sugar.

celery juice


turkey burger and veggies for breakfast

lunch bean salad of some kind

dinner salad with fish.

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ok ok im going high carb. im on the verge of going back to being a vegetarian. I liked the lifestyle it was peaceful. anyways I decided to add the beans and peas and seeds back in. and I will only eat fish once a day, for my dinner.

my diet will be

pre workout celery juice

post workout smoothie banana berry smoothie 2g protein
post workout salad- greens 1 serving beans 1 serving peas 1serving seeds 1 serving cheese, olive oil, salad dressing 23g protein

lunch salad- greens 1 serving beans 1 serving peas 1serving seeds 1 serving cheese, olive oil, salad dressing 23 g protein

dinner salad- greens, salad dressing, no olive oil no cheese. w/ 2 serving fish 30 g protein

so I will get 70-80 grams protein and keep my killing of fish down to once a day. I will get enough protein to build muscle but I don’t know if I will get enough calories. o well if I lose weight I lose weight.

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Good luck with your diet and exercise. Hopefully you get the results you’re after.

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thanks. im concerned the plant proteins won’t help me build muscle but im going to give it a try. despite all the anti-nutrient scares, hopefully it’s just psychology to overcome


You sound really healthy. I also want to be vegetarian for ethical reasons but I wonder if it is healthy for people with SZ. I have a hard time getting all the protein and nutrients in a vegetarian diet.

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I’m not into fad diets!

Macros: healthy fat, mostly complex carbs, high quality protein. Get your fiber in.

Eating mostly plants will keep you going where you wanna go.

…Drink more than enough water…the basic stuff.

There are numerous vegan bodybuilders; it’s definitely possible to gain muscle from plant foods.

One guy, Karl Bruder (in that posted list,) got 6th in a Mr. Universe competition as a vegan, even. He also won a WABBA Grand Prix.

Another guy, Patrick Baboumian, broke numerous strongman competition world records as a vegan.

I agree you sound really healthy.

And very disciplined.

I can be disciplined but I don’t seem to truly want to stop eating foods I love eating.yet.or now.
I’m a wanna be vegan but my boyfriend will break up with me if I go vegan because he said it makes me sick.
I was a ethical vegan for eight months.
I lived as a Muslim for at least a year and fasted Ramadan when I had a Muslim boyfriend friend and I quit drinking alcohol and gave up smoking so I caaaaaan be self disciplined but I adore eating right now ice cream,cake and other delights.

I’m about five kg overweight.

I hope you realize you can’t lose weight eating such things?

I was exercising five times a week so I actually did lose weight just eating the occasional sweet every week and sometimes every day such as dessert but I try to eat well otherwise.

I have a normal bmi but want to lose five kg to be my normal weight what I was before medication.

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