I'm losing weight

Three months ago I weighed 251 lbs. Today I weighed 215 lbs.
I’m on resperidone, seroquel and welbutrin. I NEVER go hungry. I eat stuff like beef stew, spicy chicken kabobs, spicy chicken wings, custard, deviled eggs, waffles and plenty of chicken, beef, and pork. In fact on my diet I can eat unlimited amounts of meat.And every other day I can eat unlimited amounts of vegetables. I have 17 lbs to go. Another bonus is that as I lost weight my acid reflux disease went away. I also drink diet soda and Crystal Lite.


That’s wonderful. And your post made my mouth water!

how’d you do that? i’ve been trying to lose some weight for a long time as i am over weight but its very hard, i seem to have been gaining weight about a half a stone every year i think :frowning:
i wish i could lose some weight for a change, i have this big pot belly and i hate it and i just want my six pack back, i wish i could get my six pack back, i wish, i wish, i wish :frowning: i would sell my soul to get that lol.

Good Food,Good Life.

i am really happy for you.
take care

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