Anyone else on a diet?


long story short

struggling - i had a little bit over what i aimed for today
but not a bad day

yesterday was my first bad day in 3 weeks

I’m trying to stick to a ketogenic diet but i keep drinking brandy and eating cheese / broth / satsumas

lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks

( a stone )

6.5 kg


That’s a pretty dramatic weight loss.

I’m pretty much always on a diet of sorts.

Nothing in particular, just a good exercise routine,

Portion control,

And common sense.

I’m about fifteen pounds from my ultimate goal weight, so,

Not bad…


I’m eating more vegetables than usual and counting my calories.
I tried going strictly Vegetarian for about a week but it didn’t work out.
I cannot cut out meat completely.

So far I’ve lost 6 pounds.


I began dieting 3 weeks ago and might be a pound or two lighter. Hope to loose 10 pounds by March or April.


Thanks x x x

That’s a great place to be x
If I can get to that kind of ball park in a few weeks I will be very happy

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I’m trying to get to strictly vegan but need to also be off all added sugar
Cheese is the only dairy I have now
It doesn’t go to plan all the time
I thought I wouldn’t but I’ve even had bites of meat!

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How much have you lost since your worst?

Overall I have had in total 56lbs including what I’ve lost and what’s left


How about organic? Going to do that too?

I’ve been Vegan for a few years. No sugar too. All organic. I’ve even got all of the organic soaps, hygiene, etc.

When I found out basically everything has toxic nonsense in it, and/or it was GMO…

The ol’ Hell NO Elbow had to say that about it.

I’m on a never ending diet, always watching how much I eat, I stay pretty skinny, but it’s a battle

Gaining weight rapidly now. Im up ten lbs, thats a lot when youre short.

I’ve been dieting for about 6-8 months. I’ve lost a lot of weight but I have a lot left to lose.

It seems like I lose a lot of lean mass, which is frustrating.

I mostly just try to get the macronutrients and calories right.

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The most I ever weighed was close to 240lbs and I’m about 5’9",

I was on seroquel at the time and feel sure I was also suffering some depression.

After about six or seven months I got down to about 180lbs after quitting the seroquel and doing a pretty intense diet/exercise routine.

I’ve stayed in that ball part ever since.


56lbs is a lot of weight,

You should be proud of yourself!

I diet three days a week. Lately however I feel hungrier than usual; maybe the cold weather we are having means I am eating more than I normally do. My weight is stable being as it is just about right for my height.

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no i have lost only 14, i have 42 to go
it’s not gone well today

yesterday was good
the day before terrible

it is such a let down after 3 perfect weeks!

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Losing weight is difficult,

But its more about good habits than not messing up.

Its okay to have a bad day, you just can’t keep repeating it.

Keep up the good work!!


I don’t diet. I don’t have the willpower to do so, and when I do try, I just end up focusing on all the delicious foods and snacks I could have had if I wasn’t on a diet, and I lose the will to eat.

So, I decided if it means I’ll have to stay fat in order to be happy, then that’s how it’s gonna be.


Sweet potato pie is coming out of the oven any minute now.

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making a cheese omlette and half a ceaser salad for husband when i can be bothered to move

congrats goldenrex
that is a real achievement.

I have lost weight and kept it off properly a few times in my life but then I gain it back

when i was a teen - for maybe 5 years but less and less time each time - 2 yrs or 5 months etc

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