My brother is a compulsive lyer

He lives in Austria with his girlfriend (who doesn’t want to work) and her son. He borrowed from my mom 2000euro and doesn’t want to give them back. Also he lied to me that he sends my parents 200euro per month. Now I am the only child who helps them financially so I don’t have enough money because my salary is not that big. I am SO angry at him I don’t want to communicate with him. He went on vacation 4 times this year and constantly goes to reastaurants, which I can’t afford. It’s so unfair!

Your brother sounds like a sociopath. It is almost impossible to convince a sociopath to behave honorably. Unfortunately, if someone loans him money there is nothing they can do if he refuses to pay it back.

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I never thought he’s a sociopath, I will research.
No , he won’t give my mom the money

Narcissistic individuals are common in this modern world.

Your Brother won’t change because he’s having a good time!

Seriously. You need to educate your mother. I help out my parent and live at home. It’s the least I can do after all the support they’ve given me. Your brother isn’t doing anything but contribute to their life without you peeps.

That is too much for anyone!

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Sounds like your brother is definitely taking advantage of the situation. He needs to be cut off. It’s not fair that he should live lavishly at other’s expense while you struggle.

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You are right guys. Though my mom said he did a lot for me when I was in psychosis and she wants us to be in good relationship. I can’t close my eyes about he’s behavior though…I will distance myself…

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