My brother

My brother admitted that he was a sociopath when I told him that he could feign empathy through working with his therapist.

He was laughing when he admitted to it but I think that at some level there’s some truth behind it.

Why do you think he’s a sociopath?

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I have people in my life who are sociopaths. It’s scary because they say they care, but they really don’t. And they really harm people a lot.

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It’s complicated but my brother has no empathy for others.
He thinks it’s a joke.
He can be verbally abusive and is a big bully.

His past time is guns.

He has violent tendencies and has a wicked temper.

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As long as you are useful to a sociopath and not a threat, you’ll be ok. I’d advise against confronting him about this belief you have. Some sociopaths react with aggression when at risk of being exposed.

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Well I’m not positive that he’s a sociopath but he definitely has Narcissistic traits.
He doesn’t really have empathy for others.
It’s sometimes hard to differentiate between the two disorders.

What’s wrong with liking guns, @Wave?

Nothing but he has violent tendencies.

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Oh, I see. Hope you work things out with him.

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Thanks 15555545444444

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In Belgium they have a new name for sociopathy. They call it antisocial personality disorder. I know someone who has that diagnosis.

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I am similar to you @Wave. My brother-in-law is a narcissist. He treats me like crap. He strikes my biggest nerve. He makes fun of my intelligence. He is a doctor. He is super conceited with how intellectual he is.

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@wave my sister is a narccist, my dad was a narcissist too, I have zero relationships with them and its good.

My husband’s brother was a sociopath and we also stopped having a relationship with him. He had a drug problem and killed himself. My husband misses and regrets not being their for him so much. Every anniversary month of his death, he is in heartache.

Hope whatever he is doesnt cause any hurt.


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