My advice: stay faaar away from meditation

I’ve dabbled with it for a long time because it’s said to give insight into your mind. When I do it, I become aware of all these ways in which i seem to perceive myself and the world, my inner beliefs, and fears. But, (and this is hard to explain), those fears weren’t there before I meditated that particular session. I create them during meditation and foolishly think I am making emotional progress because I’m “letting go of these fears”.

Every. single. time I’ve done it in the last 5 years, it’s always made me feel worse - much worse. One time I actually went to the ER because I felt so agitated, and while I’m meditating, I’m so convinced that it’s helping and I’m moving forward.

Today I got suckered into doing it again, and missed my sisters birthday cuz I felt agitated. You don’t need it - letting go happens on it own, emotional progress happens on its own. The effort from consciously meditating doesn’t actually make you more well.

I’m kinda hating on myself for getting pulled into it doing it today. And actually all my emotional problems started after I discovered it and started doing it on and off 8 years ago - coincidence? I don’t know but what I do know is that it’s a paralyzing practice and I wish I never discovered it. I equate its experience as a psychadelic trip, which is known to be terrible for us Szs.


I can’t take it serious as well.

Everytime have tried it I just get laughed at in my head.

Makes me soooooooo anxious anyways.



i tried meditating when i was psychotic before i started taking meds for it and i couldn’t stop shaking enough to even sit correctly i had to have my back against something and than i still would just be thinking way too much and hearing ■■■■

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@sigarino @anon20318121 nice to hear you’ve had similar experiences. It sucks how it’s marketed as the best anti-stress tool these days in the west.

I meditated for a while. Made me even more psychotic, always thinking about energy, ghosts, mind reading and ■■■■ like that. I wish I could do it and be more calm, but it just makes me more psychotic.

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normal meditation may not be bad but hypnosis is defintely dangerous . it is called an altered state of consiousness and causes similar changes to the brain as alcohol or kundalini is somewhat similar to hypnosis

I can’t meditate when I am psychotic and hearing voices either, so, I know what you guys mean. But, when I am well, and my mind is clear, I have no trouble meditating, thankfully. I feel very grateful that my illness is not as bad as a lot of you guys. My meds control my symptoms pretty well. I feel really blessed.

one of the reasons i quit therapy was cos i was told to meditate all the time… it gave me so much anxiety and hallucinations…

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I, however, love meditation and meditate 1 1/2 hours a day, every day for the last 5 months. It gives me so much peace and occasional moments of bliss.

If you are thinking about things other than the breath most, if not all the time then you are doing it wrong and that takes practice. You can’t just say," I am going to meditate." and for the first time sit there for an hour and achieve the aim. It takes weeks/months even years to build up and learn to concentrate.

Meditation is not suited for some people however, but jumping in at the deep end without knowing how to swim may cause extreme agitation. A number of people have adverse effects from meditating, but you won’t know until you try. So start small, just a couple of minutes and build up slowly to see if it is ok for you.


It’s like marmite, you either love it or you hate it I guess.

Personally I can’t meditate, as the voices come back strongly when I try too!

Pretty sure it’s against the rules to encourage people to go off their meds :unamused:

Meditation, not medication lol !

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lol I misread the title like four times, must be early hahahaha in that case I agree lol

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I thought he was encouraging people to replace medication with meditation. Lol. Wasn’t really sure what was going on.

Time for a coffee for you! :smile:

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It’s brewing as we speak!!

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I got into transcendental meditation as a teenager, and I enjoyed it to an extent, but I haven’t tried it since. I used to do it for just 20-30 minutes, one or two times a day. I don’t think I could do it now, not sure I would want to.

And yeah, I misread the title at first, too, thought it was going to be an anti-medication rant lol.

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I tried meditating twice. Was the worst thing under the sun

It’s like begging for bad things to happen.

I felt like we were on the path to a different realm. It’s definitely a doorway.

Some people hate pizza too.

Should I feel sorry for them