Why is mediation bad?

I meditate as part of my belief and I found it relaxes me and clears the mind. but I have read on here that meditation is bad for sz and sza. what’s it like when meditation goes wrong?

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Sensory deprivation I suppose. The whole area is also ripe for delusions, because of the spiritual stuff

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thank you for answering, I think it wasn’t for the Haldol injection I might become delusional. I asked my partner that if I start to become too much or become out of it for any reason or any way to put me in the hospital or tell my doctors if she can’t get me into the hospital

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Recently I have been doing a lot of mindfulness meditation.
With audiobooks. I like it a lot and it helps me get lost in my imagination for a while and let go.

I like it. I tried around 5/6 different meditations.

thank you @zeno, for bringing up that thread. I forgot I posted in it. at first I had problems meditating and I know its not for everyone but I have help so I think I will be okay. I can’t like go into meditation for any longer than 5 minutes. i’m afraid to be honest but I listen to soothing music and it helps so I am not completely alone with my thoughts. I appreciate every one who posted in that thread and I have my partner and a teacher watching out for me the teacher is aware of my illness and said she will watch for signs of distress


I like listening to this app of meditation music I got on my phone. it helps me keep my mind from wandering.

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Transcendental meditation helped me for a while. My grades at school were good, but I was still in anguish. I eventually gave up on it.

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I think they say if you go into deep meditation you can bring up trauma from your past

I recomend the bottle it up method. Sometimes you need a small bottle and other times you’ll need a big bottle, but just bottle up the emotions and open them up at the pdoc. He will thank you. And the rest of the time you’ll look cool as a cucumber. :smile:

But don’t open the bottles too soon.
The serenity now mantra works too :slight_smile: