Meditation isn’t always calming. For a select few, it may lead to psychosis


Personally, I value meditation highly and it is part of my daily routine, I wake up in the night, have a cup of tea and then meditate.

At points in this article it implied meditation causes sz, but I wasn’t meditating way back then when I was diagnosed.

It makes me feel good and negates the need for me to get high on cannabis. I get high on meditation instead. Easily the safer choice IMO.

The majority of people can meditate with no problem, and if you are on this site then you are probably sz already, so it isn’t going to make you sz.

It makes me calm, collected and peaceful and since I added it to my life I have never felt better.

I am aware that for some it makes their psychosis worse, so beware. For most though it is fine.

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It always winds up my positives badly, I had to stop doing it.


Maybe it amplifies positives bcz you focus more on your psychotic thoughts than the environment.

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I could never meditate but when i had voices i tried to do it and they started laughing at me.

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When I had voices, I tried meditation. The voices only got worse.


There was a meme with a guy in the lotus position and the caption read: “if the devil comes while you’re meditating, force him to meditate too”. Load of bullcrap.

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I find meditation useless. It stresses me out, visualization takes too much effort, I don’t feel any of the things they tell me to imagine I am feeling, and all the varied breathing techniques usually cause me to run out of breath. Useless. I’ve tried it for years, I’ve given it my best shot.

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I simply cannot do breathing meditation well and never will be able. I sit in the dark and mentally recite some helpful words I know from memory and I go to a deeper state of relaxation. My voices hate it.


yes,totally agree from many it makes them psychotic… i stop doing it… but i do deep breathing excercise… walking in the trade mill or in the groud or street early in the morning is the best thing to maintain health … its been 40 days …i feel good about it…

Makes things worse for me.

Even on meds my mind is far too busy. Just doesn’t work for me.

I’ve been on many meditation and on many yoga retreats with meditation
Positive impact every time
But I start to do it at home and all I can do is beat myself up for not doing it well and get restless and begin to. Move all the time
So far. I’m doing 3 minutes at a time most days. Very beneficial but i still put too much pressure on myself

I prefer mindfulness to meditation.

Still not sure if I want to incorporate meditation into my life.


It just might be more effort than it is worth.

Hmm. . .

No Worries Kid’s, Young Adult’s, Women, Men, And Aliens, Though The Aliens Already Know. . .



When I was at college I was drinking very little coffee, going to AA meetings, getting about the right amount of exercise, and doing transcendental meditation. I was functioning much better than usual, but I was still in anguish. One thing that was odd was that I was much better at math than I had been in the past. I made mostly A’s in math courses. When I started drinking again I quit going to classes, and my grades in math plummeted. Sometimes I wish I could get back into math again, mainly out of curiousity.

My voices get louder when I meditate. I quit doing it.

I got a checking account for the second time in my life about twenty years ago when I was thirty. As I got older my math skills got better and better when making balances. Now I do the math in my head when balancing it and checking it. I just ordered a book on geometry from Amazon. I’m hoping to use it in my art.