Meditation-yes or no?

Yea I see…
Didn’t think the lotus was the problem just pointing out that you don’t have to sit while meditating for those who think that’s a must…

Thank you for yours responses. I rather skip meditation. Transpersonal psychology can be dangerous and all i want today is peace of mind even if I will be lonely. I have job, maybe i just buy some happines.

meditation is good if you are patience

I can’t do mediation. It causes me to hallucinate.

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Yes. Meditation is a powerful tool that leads to enlightenment…


Zeno, I know that people try meditation, and it often doesn’t work for them.

But trigger their psychosis? I’ve not seen anyone say that. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but I’ve not seen anyone say that it makes them psychotic.

Just my 2 pennies, peace bro.

I try to meditate for 10-15 minutes every day or twice a day. It does not trigger psychosis in me. I guess I am one of the blessed ones. It has a very calming effect on my mood.


Maybe I am too, it’s done me no harm.

But I’m no expert on it, maybe meditation can cause psychosis in some people, I have no idea.

There are many threads about it, I don’t mean that it makes normal people psychotic but that many schizophrenics hear more and louder voices for example while practicing it:


If your just lonely, try people watching in a public place like a mall, market or restaurant even.
Watch how others interact with each other to get a good idea of what it is that actually makes people friends.
Kids are the best to observe, because they are simple and honest about all, but these days, it’s not a good idea to watch kids that aren’t your own because others get the wrong idea.
You could also watch a kids show on tv to learn the interacting, I learned a lot from Sesame Street/Plaza Sesame- really.

Being lonely just means you havent practiced being comfortable around others, or the joy of sharing and genuinely being interested in others too.
For starters, smile and say hi. Then if you see something about someone (their chlothes, jewelry, items they have…) comment on it and ask a question such as where they aquired it, or how.
Let them talk, then if you can’t find more to add, say goodbye.
Keep on practicing, this is how you make friends.
Good luck.

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I can’t meditate due to voices, it ends up becoming an argument session with me feeling crappier and crappier as the “meditation” session elapses.

I used to have such a colorful imagination too, but now I try to minimize the visuals otherwise I hear a garble of voices. Bullcrap.


I personally practice Kriya yoga which is not just meditation but a way of life as well. I meditate every day, and I feel It has produced positive effects for me personally. I hope this helps!

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Be careful, certain forms of meditation can make psychosis worse.
I don’t meditate any more.

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If you lack social skills start small. Have some small talk subjects ready to talk about.(weather, news, sports, new products on the market if your in a store talking to strangers, etc).

I hear louder voices while meditating… But they eventually subside and I get into trance… Hurray!!


U are enlighted @Om_Sadasiva…???


Sure. Everyone is Buddha. Everything has Buddha nature. All is mind. Grasp this and you’ll be Buddha too


For me social skills classes and groups helped me more with opening up and interactions. i used meditation more for sleep and healing.

I tried the audio directed meditations on cd “Insight Meditation” by Salzberg and Goldstein. I found it helpful for a while but I am too lazy these days.

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