My 15 year old stepdaughter just got busted again

She sneaks out in the middle of the night. We found in her phone she texted my 20 year old daughter to unlock the front door at 3 am. The 15 year old also asked my 20 year old if she’d like to smoke pot with her, but luckily my 20 year old declined. She’s also not doing her schoolwork when she’s always been a straight A student in the Honor Society. So frustrating. I know teens act out but I wish she wasn’t doing it.

Yeah, smoking pot sure ruined my grades. And in a way, so did selling it.

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Teenagers can be very diffidult becaue they want to experiment in a lot of things. I m wondering if her dad will interfere in and discipling her?

Do you think your life will be better if you hadn’t touch pot?Or it’s just a experience and phase of life?



sorry your teen snuck out…oh that feeling of sneaking out !! so fun though…haha…no making light of your sitch…just remembering…I was trouble for my parents…

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It’s a delicate balance with teenagers. Starlet is like the opposite of unruly, but that’s mostly because he has no friends at his new school. So instead of sneaking out and experimenting with drugs, he is depressed and lonely. I honestly don’t know which problem would be easier to deal with.


Yes. Both her mom and my husband are disciplining her

I hope starlet makes some friends soon. I think that’s really hard on a parent when they want the best for their children

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