Music of the current age

Post your favorite music from 2005 and onwards

(this is a playlist)

Too @anon8640148 :purple_heart:

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You know motion city?

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Can’t tell if I should be happy or sad over this video… good song though… dude looks depressed lol

It based on real events, and I think the guy in it is the actual person it’s based on.

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I dig! good stuff :+1:

ah he’s not paralyzed he gets on the bike again :smile:

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Outside of the death/black metal I listen to, I’d be hard-pressed to find any music since 2005 I enjoy. All the nu metal, “rock,” and pop is more than unappealing. I’m in kind of a niche market, and I realize that. That’s why I stick to CDs in the car instead of the radio.

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Those guys are pretty rad haha

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the wombats are alright too :+1:

Here is Music Mission Control in the basement of Casa Pixel:

A.K.A. “Podcasting Central”

Mixing up some Katy Perry.



damn son… looks like a store front… those little laptops lol

mission control come in…

I have yet to hear anything I like from modern music sigh


i like modern music exclusively

put this playlist on shuffle @Kellie

lemme know what you think:

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I listen to a wide range, but I prefer newer stuff.


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Holy phucking chit