Modern music thread

Post some of your favorite bands that are new or recent. I love getting into new music.

Here’s a couple of mine:


Twenty one pilots are new-ish. I like them.

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This band formed just a few months ago, have their first cd coming out next month. You have to like metal, though … I saw them live about a month ago, and they were awesome.

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This band is so weird, but I love them.

I like the old metal bands. Stuff like black sabbath, uriah heep, deep purple. Stuff like that.

With modern metal I really dig – Pantera, Neurosis and Earth.

Cool video, not really my kind of sound. Thank you for the response :slight_smile:

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I’m not much for older metal, though I was 20 years old (1999) when I got my first real exposure to metal. My roommate that year of college was into metal and punk, and he got me into it. Throughout the 90s I was all about gangsta rap lol.

lol That’s cool. I used to hang out with some really “dark” people in high school. We were all about Neurosis and underground metal. I was always more into the punk side of it though.

If you get around to it, you might want to check out a band called Junius.

Junius isn’t metal exactly, but they ride that fine line of post-metal stuff.

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How do you put youtube music on here

Here’s another band I enjoy

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You just paste the video url!

Bring the video up on YouTube, then click “share,” which is underneath the video, and copy the address that shows up in a box there. That address should already be highlighted. Then you can just paste into a reply on here.

this song reminds me of a time of my life when partying with a friend . Who later passed away

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They play this song a lot on my local, oldies station.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Take care :v:

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Just right click the video in youtube and select copy URL then ctrl+v in a message here.

You should check out the pop goes punk albums, 2-5 are amazing !

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Cool song @everhopeful!

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Just heard these guys on a local, emo radio show: