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That’s my boyfriend’s band, older stuff.

And I will never stop loving Joy Division. :purple_heart:


on repeat in my head.

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Brings me back to 2008

I’m listening to nothing in particular but I do enjoy this


Led Zeppelin 4 was untitled. Released under no name…because they got such bad feedback from their first 3 albums (which were amazing btw) that they wanted people to give them an unbiased chance. And look at them now.

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God…brings back memories

@MrSquirrel have you been to Carl Cox?

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Never been to any concert as an adult. Hate live performances.


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Lol, wow someone has to post this for christmas.

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Not a fan either. People sweat, yell, drink, spit and make out right in front of your nose. And you even pay to watch it.

I see cartoon aliens ■■■■■■■ when I read your posts now… thanks sarad…

Lol sorry, I didn’t know you’re so fragile :snowflake:

no seriously thanks!

aliens ■■■■■■■… who’da thought

What has been seen cannot be unseen @.@

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Your brother still plays?

Music? Of course