Music is cold, exacting noise

and I hate it. It was too difficult.

That is fine, I would appreciate it if you shared something you find comfort in that may help find calm when dealing with symptoms if you feel like sharing.

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There are a lot of kinds of music. Some of it is difficult. There is such a wide range it’s hard to hate it all. I don’t like dirgey sad music like someone has a belly ache.

Agreed, music is a bit like having smoked cigarettes for some years and finding a new taste for different types of food. Smoking cigarettes being an allusion to life experiences. Love all type of food, my ID is based on the idea of sharing something about myself. The place I often go to is run by a Cambodian and the food is not only delicious but affordable compared to a fast food meal. The cooks wherever they may be from are amazing.

suffering people will complain. Our world is a different color.

You should have been A blues player, Chordy.

I find everyone sees things in their own way but sometimes finds similar feelings. I like your suggestion of the blues pob.

I was only feeling the moment. My attitudes change with the wind.

Hey Chordy, you should review that 1960’s children’s book by Dr. Spock. It would give you tons more of subject matter to write about.

I do not like today’s music - at least what I’ve heard of it. It’s all sex, sex, money, money, greed, greed and alot of narcissism.