Been i to music lately

I dont know about you guys but i love music. Ever since i was an infant. My mom said there was a song she would sing when i was a baby and i would immediately stop crying. I have always loved singing and then fell in love with the guitar.

A lot of my psychotic break was spent thinking i was a ghost writer.

After i got medicated i couldnt handle listening to music. It overwhelmed me. It crushed me.

But its been 2.5 years and i am finally getting my love for music back. Its fair to say i am making progress in my recovery. And i am so happy that music is becoming part of my life again. And this time i dont think im famous!


Yes. I remember years driving the 101 not listening to anything the whole way. went years and then sometimes i’d play sandinista by the Clash on the stereo. usually was high on psychosis then. got back into music again. downloaded everything i’d ever liked on itunes and got back into radio like never before. Now I’m listening to music again. My old station plays alot of annoying stuff but i still like it most of the time.

A lot of my “symptoms” are related to music (maybe not though) just listening to music symptomatic imprints memories or relates to others i was never aware of. detailed memories, faces, conversations emotions flashbacks everything. love. but i don’t know. it’s been spoken of to me earlier in life. that’s the wierd thing. no one knows really about these memories. i don’t know.


Music turned me on and could literally get me naturally high ever since I was about 3 or 4 years old. Especially rock, pop and r & b music. It had that effect on me all my life until my son died when I was 51 years old.

I no longer listen to popular music but only listen to classical piano music now. I think it is pretty and all but it doesn’t send me soaring like my past music did.

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Im sorry you experienced that loss. That cant be easy. Classical is nice. I listen to it while i do art.