Music. Creativity then Mental Block

I am writing to say my creativity is not constant as well my motivation. I play an instrument. There are days which music flows in my ears and fingers and then I avoid music and my instrument for a long time. I feel a “mental” block, and avoidance, because I am not confident anymore, I am doing it well. This makes me a little hopeless. The same occurs with other activities. Do you feel the same? Why are my ears active only sometimes? How can I be more productive and linear?
One of the reasons I identified for the lack of my motivation it is that people don´t like my art, because it is imperfect mainly. I work hard anyway when it is possible. I could never learn much from my teacher, but only from music it self. So I am self taugh. More or Less. I don´t have much work to present, but I try to play for many years. I wanted to write my music as I imagined it and not how I played it, but I have not skills to transcribe, in fact I don`t know much theory. I want to share my music it in partiture also and be protected by copyright, we never know. No matter how bad you play, if it is yours, has a value for itself. I play with “illness” which is a register of this state of mind. Just like you do, perhaps, with your artwork.
Maybe I am just looking for “nice words”, and stimulus to continue. Well, I came here to share with you, my thoughts and my “basic” artwork, which I dedicate to people suffering from any disability. Including, schizoprenia (I am a new member I can not publish links). Schizophrenia, a gift and a “nightmare” at the same time, in my perspective. For all life. Since it wakes up until the end of existence. Finally, I want to say, that (at least for me) it is good to live anyway, and music efforts worth. Whatever you like to do keep doing it as it, comfortable and suitable for you. (Sorry about any imperfection, also, writing in english).
Thanks for reading this.


Welcome to the forum… Nice post.

It takes practice and keeping at it.

Good luck.


Thanks very much for your reply, comment and advice.
I hope inspiration comes very soon again…
To rest properly it is very important.
I noticed you completed your profile here at this site.
I will do the same soon too.
I wish you the best for you, also.


I guess I am also a musician of sorts…a drummer. I know during the years I was most sick I rarely if ever even touched a drum set. I’ve never thought of inspiration being particularly applicable to the drums but I have been also creative in other ways. So I can certainly relate to the feeling of the inspiration feeling as though it has dried up. I’ve found as I’m sure you already know that inspiration isn’t a thing I can sit down and simply will into being. I find that being around others who are similarly creative helps me the most as it does tend to rub off.

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