I can upload images! - my drawing


That is really awesome, seriously.

(I couldn’t help but think “this isn’t my harpsichord!”)

What does it mean?

What is the inspiration for it?

It’s called ‘Baby Mozart’
I just keep thinking how sad Mozart’s fate was. How he was used for entertainment purposes since very early childhood and then pretty much discarded by the same very people.
I never heard any music more crazy awesome and ‘out there’ than Queen of The Night aria from ‘Magic Flute’

Makes more sense now.

I like it. There is something magical about it that seems to call out to me.

very nice, it definitely has its own style

im asking myself do you have trouble too create something and too finish it all the way
towards completion?.

i myself do draw a bit, yet i am always distracted either by voices, thoughts, paranoid thoughts,
music lyrics, lacking in seeing the point of it all, or just lacking focus.
Does this apply too you too?, and if yes how do you coop with it?

Voices are very distracting. Since becoming ill, I find it difficult to compose a new work. Once everything is ‘there’ and I have a general outline of an entire composition - it gets easier. I guess - once it gets to rendering - it becomes more or less of straight-up physical labor - and - in my case - it’s rather repetitive and I find it kind of soothing. But - yes - when I actually need ‘to think’ - do some preliminary sketches or decide on composition - voices are a dick.
It’s pretty much the way it is with everything else - it’s like having this constant major disable

  • so everything is harder to do and takes longer. But then whenever u do achieve some final result - it feels really rewarding - like - look at what an amazing human being I am :slight_smile:

as for ‘lacking in seeing the point’ - yes, it happens - but since u know how it feels not to see the point - it is safe to assume that u also - sometimes - are capable of seeing one. and - I sound like such a downer - I guess what I am trying to deliver here is - what might seem pointless at the moment - could turn into momentous later on. and I hope - I bored u enough by now

““look at what an amazing human being I am””"
Yes you are, its probarly nice too express yourself in art. afterall its all your sensory perception
expression distilled in a medium.

i find it amazing that you can do repetitive chores without the distractions this dissease negatively offers.
And i do agree that its hard too find inspiration or finding any order in it all.
which is weird because some say that people with mental illness have an excellent outside of the box view
and have loads of creative idea`s

I have a lot of creative art ideas, but i do get distracted too. I got an easle and art set for christmas, which meant a lot to me. I’ve painted something so far that I realy like.

I mostly get ‘what-an-amazing-human-being-i-am’ feeling if I manage to get out of bed and take a shower some time before noon

what do u paint with? please don’t say ‘oils’ - I never learned

Wow, it looks awesome!

i think you are like ’ mozart ’ of the art world.( but with a happier life )
take care

I like all mediums. Lately I’m getting into watercolor and acrylics.

“Tree of Light”

This was done with acrylics. I painted more onto it but this was the best version. I tend to lose it in the process because I never stop editing my work.

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that is beautiful, i like abstract work.
take care