Creatively Dead

I’m kinda bothered by it, but kinda not - I no longer have any interest in writing music. I no longer have fun doing it and I can’t realistically get it out there in the public view and most of it was sub par at best, so it’s not worth going the extra mile to put the effort in to try to make it realistic. So I can’t do it for enjoyment nor to make a living. It used to be so important to me, but now it seems so alien and distant. I was genuinely excited to try to write music again, after Sarcosine had a chance to fully effect me because my thought processes are more organized and I can express emotion much more now, but then I realized I’m just refusing to move on with my life. No one cared then and no one will probably care now. Maybe I’m just showing my age? Seems like I’m happier now without bothering with it, but I still can’t help but feel a part of my soul has died.

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Try taking out your best music, the music you’re most proud of, and play that for your own enjoyment. Take a little time, and do it at your leisure.

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I’m a writer and I’m on a writers block right now. My therapist says it’s normal to block and that it eventually comes back. I wouldn’t worry much about it, it will probably come back :slight_smile:

This isn’t writer’s block. I’ve had that before and I still wanted to do it, but just couldn’t think of anything to write. This is just no further interest in the area.

Oh alright. Maybe it’s temporary, maybe you just need new interests.

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I kinda don’t even care about it, it just feels weird because I used to do it so much and now I’m just like “meh” about it.

Creativity requires a gestation period. You can’t force it.


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This is about the only kind of ■■■■ I can write that just comes natural. I just churned out this piece of crap in like 30 minutes a little bit ago. Silent Hill-esque kinda where I just made the music based on my mood as I wrote it.

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That didn’t sound like crap, it was good for me, it reminds me of fear factory or rammstein songs,

I would encourage you to keep being creative