Most probably going to club tomorrow

Its planned,Its on

I have never been to a night club its my first time in 24 years,feel somewhat excited about tomorrow :smile:

Going to the club with my Meetup mates and we will be on alchohol


Have fun! Enjoy the girls :slight_smile:

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Yeah, have fun @Gtx1990 dont get too drunk :smile:

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Thanks @wave,will be extra careful and not be drunk,will try have fun and enjoy bonding…

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Have fun, it is a good way to socialize and meet new people too.

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Thanks @mjseu

Hopefully it’s not too boring for me,I get bored about social sometimes but there is alcohol though

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That’s great! Enjoy yourself. If you don’t want to drink beer, they usually sell Coke. Maybe you shouldn’t drink alcohol, I don’t know how it effects you. But yeah, like @anon31257746 says, enjoy the girls. I could never talk to girls in clubs but I had fun anyway. Man, watching girls dance is fun!


yea,i should probably not talk so much about mental illness and just chill…

yea,watching girls dance should be fun thanks

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I would avoid talking about mental illness at a club- I used to go to a club. Just dance and drink and talk about working out and your occupation. It’s just showing what you have going for you. I was super hot when I went to that club- peak of my powerlifting phase. I took my shirt off and was hit on by way too many guys…it was a LGBT club. I danced with a girl and guy at the same time. Oh I was shirtless and some others were too. Girl had a halter top or whatever passes as better than a sports bra on. But damn. That was a high moment of my life. Scantily clad wearing my red jeans and just not giving a ■■■■. Just letting loose years of pent up frustration. I had already been with a girl consistently, I just came out as bisexual.

I ■■■■■■■ love being wild and indecent.

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And this was all on a stripper pole on a lit stage in a dark room.

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I am not a very confident person
if I were more confident I would also take off my shirt and dance lol

I don’t watch my diet though lol,but I am still alright

by the way today is the day,haha,it will be a sleepless night

I look like this today and this is fat for me

By the way I got a new girlfriend. This is her

She’s insane too, we’re gonna have insane children. She’s just as schizo as I am and she has a mood disorder, gets manic around noon every day. Doesn’t shut up until 2am. I’m so happy that I found the right lady. She drinks coffee more than I do and takes Geodon and Xanax and propranolol too. She teaches preschool. No wait, that’s not right. She works at Hot Topic.

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wow your shredded :smiley: ,it would be stupid to rob you lol,you would beat the hell out of that person lol

are you referring to the girl inside anime or are you referring to a real life girl who you know and project her as a anime character because they are similar?

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I’m dating my phone these days bro. I would post links to pornos with girls like that but this frowned upon maybe even against the rules of the site. I could pm you some porn lololololol look I have no shame this is what goes on in my head and my room late at night

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SO Lemme Get Thus Str8 ,

You Are Going To Send Porno Lynks To A Guy In A Private Message (???)

LOL,he is bisexual I think

I am straight,i am straight,i like girls

@anon31257746 @Wave @mjseu @mortimermouse

I just finished going to the club,had really a good time there really enjoy myself,but I just never pick up any girl or talk to any girl lol but the dancing and environment is good


don’t be afraid to pm me some, lol

what kind of a club was it?

Wow! Well done!