Going out to a nightclub


Hi, I just wanted everyone to know that I’m going for a night out tonight myself as it has been a good day I thought I could do it, hoping to meet some nice people (hopefully female)

Just hope I’ll be alright :slight_smile: maybe this post will help, if I feel bad I’ll check in and let you know what’s happening.


Good luck, hope you have a good time.


have a good time daydreamer


Everything will be fine. Have a good one


I hope have a great evening and let us know how it turned out?


thx guys, it was pretty hard, my eyes were a big problem but i put on my glasses and that helped but it was still hard to kinda stay with it, i just stood at the bar and had a few drinks, i texted my friends and they were helping too, the music was good and the atmosphere,

i gave up looking for women within about 30 mins because i was like i don’t want to look like a creep with some sleazy chat up lines, so i thought i’m just going to try and enjoy it, and i did. i liked the smoke machine but i was worried it might affect my breathing but i really wanted to dance lol maybe if i had someone to go with it would have been better.


Good for you. That took a lot to get out there and give something new a try. Glad you had a good time. You’ll meet a girl soon. It will most likely happen when your not expecting to.

Girls are sort of on high alert at clubs. They all get hit on so much that they don’t usually go alone.