Most probably going to club tomorrow

It is a normal club,we danced and got really high

Thanks,although it’s not all perfect,it’s enjoyable…

Clubs are fun occasionally but I wouldn’t recommend that you turn it into a lifestyle.

You danced? I’m impressed. I never got up the courage to dance when I used to occasionally go to clubs.

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I’ve never been to a club but i have been to a bar on new years eve with my partner and a friend. There was live music. I just had two beers and that’s it. Didn’t get up to dance or anything but just going to a bar was a big thing for me.

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Glad to hear you got out for some fun :slight_smile:

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Im straight but I don’t like girls I like women.

Uh I just went on a date and it went well, we scheduled a second date.

She’s very sane and overall I like her so far more than most people I’ve been on dates with.



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