Mood Stabilizer without Weight Gain

I’m on a mood stabilizer to adjust for my depression. Been on Remeron a month and gained 25lbs. Works great, I feel better. I just eat eat eat. Anyone taking anything that works without the weight gain? My AP is Geodon.

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At first I noticed the weight gain i was okay with it. Now my clothes don’t fit. I want to switch. I stopped taking it a few days ago and am not fun to be around.

Topamax isn’t a typical mood stabilizer, it’s used more often for migraines. But I have heard of it being used for such purposes. It causes weight loss.

But, honestly, geodon also has mood stabilizing properties. I think geodon helped my mood even more than my hallucinations.

My moods have been more stable without a mood stabilizer.
Certain AD type meds and mood stabilizers make things worse for me.

Im managing just fine on 4mg of risperidone.

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Topamax is a mood stabilizer sometimes given by doctors to promote weight loss.

It doesn’t really work that well for mood stabization.

Like @ninjastar stated earlier it’s also used for migraines.

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Thanks @ninjastar @Wave
I’ll ask my pDoc about Topamax. Since I stopped Remeron a week ago. I’ve been really irritable and kinda feeling hopeless. My next pDoc appointment isn’t til 2 weeks. She won’t be happy to hear i just stopped my medication. Sigh, I was okay with a little weight gain. But my clothes don’t fit right now.

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I lost a ■■■■ ton of weight on Topamax but it causes me to get paranoid and it’s known as Dopamax or Stupamax because it dumbs you down.

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