Monthly Budgets 'uncovered' ;)

thought it would be fun to compare our monthly outgoings anonymously just as an experiment, we could even share some money saving tips if we have any.

so i’ll try and go first…

gas/electric £20
council tax £27
diesel £100
parking £50
coffee £140
beer £70
food/drink £250
other stuff £120

this is as accurate as i can work it out, i spend £800 and i save about £200
i’m hoping to acquire property in the future so i need money for a deposit.

anyway i thought it would be fun to share our monthly budget :slight_smile:

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My monthly is much higher. I think it depends on where you live


I live somewhere expensive,

My household necessities run 10k a month.

I wish I had a budget simple enough to type out and get advice on.

I suppose we can convert it to our own currencies in order to compare more thoroughly lol, all depends who wants to share…

@anon54386108 idk how you can live with expenses like that, i get that a year and that is good in Britain these days, some people over here live on much less than me.

I wonder that myself sometimes.

With a family of 4 we end up broke by the beginning of the 4th week of the month every month. It sucks

:confused: that sounds rough,

over in the uk they are rolling out universal credit and it cuts the amount of benefits people receive, it puts all of the welfare benefits together excluding disability, i think it is a really bad idea :frowning: they are not helping people at all, the worst thing about it is that it is a monthly payment which is supposed to last all month but people have been squandering it and not paying housing bills, getting into debt etc, some people will end up homeless i’d say :frowning: really bad idea.

That’s really awful. But it sounds like it’s some people’s own fault for squandering it away

It 's hard to work out how much I spend as it depends on how much I splurge . Base line is £750 ie things I pay each month including food. Then there’s the things I splurge on . This month I’ll have saved about £84.

I pay essential bills by direct debit as I would advise people to do if possible. I do agree UC is problematic for bad money managers. The 6 week wait for money is a major problem too. .Luckily I had savings to be able to pay things. When I moved here I had to pay full rent until UC and the rent component was sorted .

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city water: $55 a month
city electric $165 per month
house payment (catching up) $1200 per month
auto insurance for 2 cars : $265 per month
credit card: $57 per month
internet: $60 per month
Food: $30 every other day
household items, dog food, and bird seed: $60 per month
gas and car expense: $100 per month


hi daze, seems like a lot to me, i’m guessing its a lot more expensive in the usa?


Much more expensive. My bills are even higher @mrhappy because we are a family of 4. Our water bill for example comes to about $110 per month. And I only get $735 for my disability. 150 of that goes to Medicare and another 50 to my Medicare advantage plan. My husband is also disabled so no real money there either

My budget is similar to @Daze. Plus house insurance, umbrella coverage, and student loan payment.

its interesting to see how people are managing with a reduced budget while not fit to work etc, its not nice seeing people struggle obviously but i think its good to talk about it , get it out in the open.

i am on my own so i guess its always going to be cheaper and i stay in a small apartment.

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I’m not sure it’s cheaper per head especially with regards to food costs.

what do you spend @firemonkey if you dont mind me asking?

my parents used to spend 1400 a month just for groceries… families are expensive!

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@mrhappy As said that’s difficult to say as it’s standard monthly payments plus a varying amount for splurges . Including splurges it’s varied from 852 to 1174 in recent months . I tend to keep a fairly healthy bank balance and don’t have crippling debts. I could save more but it seems pointless with losing benefits at over £6000 in savings. If I got near the £6000 I’d splurge a bit more than usual to keep within the savings limit .

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I am near the £6000 limit atm and not sure what to do, i’ve been trying to get some advice on what to do with it, obviously i dont want my money to stop, its difficult, i dont need anything,

I want to go on a tour of Europe but not on my own, i wanted to invest it in property, i think it would be legal to pay up a mobile home but i’ve nowhere i can park it and i couldnt drive very far each day tops 150miles a day

@mrhappy did you change the title of this thread or did someone else?

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